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Olive oil? An extraordinary cosmetic.
Are you tired of petrochemicals, plastic, dry skin, nails and hair?
Light up your skin with a magical ingredient.
Nature is generous, bright and full of magnificent surprises. Natural remedies are appreciated and perfected over the centuries. Unguents, emulsions and creams have recipes handed down by our ancestors. With the help of science today,  is possible to find complete and multifunctional products.
olives skinfood
The extra virgin olive oil is a powerful active antioxidant, it re-establishes the hydro lipid film of the skin, promotes cell turnover and provides nourishment without increasing the production of sebum. Vitamin E, phenolic compounds and phytosterols guarantee an effective restorative and anti-inflammatory action.
olive oil drop skinfood
Light up your face using it pure or in cosmetics without petrolatum. Your hair will be more shiny, the nails will be stronger and the skin of the face, even the most sensitive, will be nourished in depth.
drops of water
For a natural scrub, combine it with table salt  and in the shower, massage gently from bottom to top. Then tampon the residual moisture without rinsing. Do not forget the parts of thickened skin of elbows knees and heels. You will have a smooth and soft skin like silk. Then, you can proceed to using a body moisturizer.
skin treatment olive oil skinfood treatment
I chose for you today, "Implenum" Body Embrace, from La Blue Home Care Collection, a luxurious bouquet of precious organic  Amalfi Coast extra virgin olive oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, calendula extract, avocado oil, vitamins and much more, for a sensational hydration, complete and deep.
Your skin? It will appear you flourished, rejuvenated and renewed.
"Nature is not a place to visit but, feeling at home". Gary Snyder, American poet Beat Generation
Annalisa Baldi
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Dedicated to men
Do you want to keep you younger and beautiful?
Nothing could be easier.
If you believe that a nice car, a trendy dress and a joke on social networks make you handsome. Well .. you are wrong.
The work and feminine universes sense some details that you.ll never guess!
Sea at night
Class, moderation, self-confidence , a neat and clean appearance are at the heart of your presentation to the world. A good reading, a jump in the theater or at a concert, good nutrition, habitual sport, an extra shower, a teeth cleaned, an haircut, a moderate use of gel and perfumes, a fresh face shaved and a healthy and nice skin, never gray, never withered, you will make irresistible.
Essential shaving items
With a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and a little salt, make a quick and delicate scub on face and neck, and tampon gently the humidity.
I have chosen for you a light moisturizing day cream, It is not greasy and it isn’t making sweat, by The Blue Home Care Collection, "Hydra Extrème Homme", with a sunscreen to protect you from dangerous UV rays, a precious concentration of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids , Tocofenoli, Biophenols, organic zero miles extra virgin olive oil , hyaluronic acid and collagen, completely free of petrolatum. The citrus scent is sparkling and delicate. The skin will result in a few days radically changed, compact, nourished and healthy.
skin treatment for mens Reading and relaxing
Good grooming good life
Annalisa Baldi
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Colors of beauty
Are you ready to feel beautiful?
Being a beutiful woman it’s not just matter of how stunning are her legs, her arms, but it’s all about her overall beauty: she’s so radiant that is almost impossible to admire each single part of her. (Lucio Anneo Seneca. Philosopher, Playwriter, Roman politician).
Ready to create your harmony? Inner beauty is a palette of colors. The outward one, is the appearance, the painting that you decide to be. Those colours are your presentation to the world. You must take care of both parts. Appearence matters a lot, it's a pass to the other to let yourself know and show your true colours . The skin, if you're in a helthy state, is vivid and offers an image of health and well-being; an invitation to friendship and an aperture to life.
True colors
Natural tips for a radiant presence?
Let's start with an upright position, the belly comes back, the breasts rises , your height increases and the back will be better.
Play sports, not violent, not excessive. It oxygenates the tissues, strengthens  bones and muscles, sets free the endorphins (hormones of good mood) and increases self-esteem.
Terminate every shower  with cold water jet, it stimulates the microcirculation and cellular exchange.
Beauty bath skincare
Do not wear too tight clothes and underwear. Allow your body to breathe and move freely. Or, get rid of the constraints as soon as you can.
Nourish the skin abundantly and often, either by drinking simple water, or by applying qualitative cosmetics to quench and restore the hydrolipidic film.
skincare beauty treatment Colors on the road
I have chosen for you the exclusive Blue Fitocosmesi of Amalfi, from Home Care Collection, IMPLENUM, Hydrating Body Embrace, a soft  and sensorial emulsion, moisturizing natural Fito – active formula, actively contrasts skin aging, mantains the skin's correct oil and fluid balance, Multi-vitaminic, insulating, anti-oxidant, with Costa d’Amalfi Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil,free of petrolatum, with hypoallergenic fragrance.
Get in the right spirit ... it's time to treat yourself.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore of Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Become vegetarian.
Become vegetarian. Would you like the idea?
Do you want to take care of your beauty, your health, also saving animals life?
University sources and clinical studies affirm that animal proteins bombarded with antibiotics are unhealthy for our body. Intensive farms are cruel and  the meat of poor quality . It is a courageous choice and involves some sacrifice. A barbecue without meat,  is not a barbecue. But in opposition, Stella McCartney said, if the slaughterhouses had glass walls, they would all become vegetarians.
Skinfood colorful fruits
Fruits and vegetables are an original challenge. A world of colors and diversity that stimulates the imagination, is healthy and raises our spirit. The first famous vegetarian was the Greek mathematician Pythagoras. And to follow, the extraordinary Leonardo da Vinci. Even the son of the wind, Carl Lewis was a vegetarian. Today the most famous are Moby, Tobey McGuire, Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone.
Ethics has no time.
In the field of cosmetics, who would like to spread hyaluronic acid of avian origin, silicones & company, oil derived  or ox marrow  in our shampoos? 
skin treatment colorful flowers
Today I choose “Lait Lumière” Visage et Cou, a “cruelty free” cleansing formulation, essential in getting your skin ready for beauty daily treatment. Rich of flavonoids, polyphenols, amino-acids and vitamines, a sensorial combination of natural Fito – active ingredients to guarantee a greater nourishing, softening and detergent action,.
Nature is part of us.
"Happyness in observing and understanding is the most beautiful gift of nature"
Albert Einstrein, Man, Scientist, Vegetarian.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Do you live in the city?
Is it a sunny day, without wind, of high pressure?
In these particular atmospheric conditions we must protect ourselves from photochemical smog.
Manhattan New York City
What's this?
It is the reaction between the pollutants present in the air and the sun's rays.
Why protect yourself?
Because it is highly oxidative for animals, plants and our skin. It can quickly to attack and to destroy all our antioxidant defense barriers. And it forms the famous free radicals (ROS), reactive to oxygen, damaging DNA and cell membranes.
Sun rays
What are the damages to the skin?
Premature ageing, wrinkles, increased spots and couperose, visibly lifeless skin.
skin treatment for women Woman face skin protection
Today I chose for her and him, the Hydras Extrème, Oxi Lumière, from La Blue Fitocosmesi d’ Amalfi Collection, to neutralize  free radicals attack and help prevent damage. They are  precious concentration of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Tocofenols, Biophenols, Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Kmzero, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, for a healthy, protective and hydrating action . With UV rays protection factor.
Skin treatment for men Man skincare
To protect is a declaration of love for oneself. Learning to "see" is implement this love.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Chamomile flowers?
They are not just for having good dreams ...
4000 years ago, the Egyptians already decorated them on furnishing objects.
In the symbolism of the flowers they represent simplicity, innocence, purity and patience.
In ancient times it was used to treat wounds and bruises.
Chamomile flowers
It is a precious plant with an unmistakable smell. It is rich in active ingredients. It has sedative and decongestant qualities. Its infusion is soothing for the skin.
Do you want to prepare it? Its flowers can be found from May to August. You can raise them , dry them in a cool and airy place and then use them to prepare precious infusions. They are extraordinary as compresses, for redness and swelling of the eyes, as a tonic for stressed and poorly oxygenated skin, as a purifying agent for all skin types. It is a mine of flavonoids and coumarins .
Chamomile recipesChamomile infusion
In fact, as an extract, you can find them in the delicate formula "Comfort Blue" Repairing Effect Cream, La Blue Fitocosmetici d’ Amalfi, a powerful unisex lenitive cream, enriched with Hyaluronic acid, Collagen, Organic extra virgin olive oil  of Costa d'Amafi, and many Vitamins, absolutely free of petrolatum, for a skin redensified, compact and pleasantly velvety. It is free of allergenic perfumes.
Skin treatmentChamomile bouquet
"The human is not a thing, it is a wonder, and must be treated with sensivity"
Leo Buscaglia, American teacher and writer, from "Living, loving, understanding"
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi dìAmalfi


The sea ... wipes the winters away.
The sea of perfumes, of salt on the skin
It is time to live the best anti-depressant in the world.
The sea is good for your health, mood and skin. It is a treasure of benefits and we can not do without it
It stimulates the vitamin D synthesis , which fixes calcium in the bones, is bactericidal and anti-inflammatory. It is an explosion of useful minerals like copper, sulfur, magnesium, iron and calcium, but more important, it contains iodine, very precious for our body.
woman summer sun
Green light to walks and swims, the water temperature and the wave motion reactivate the circulation, drain the tissues, improve muscle tone. And in the meantime, the skin assimilates the precious minerals.Results? The skin will be more oxygenated, more turgid and compact. A true concentrate of well-being.
Let's not forget to protect ourselves from the sunlight..
skin treatmentsummer beauty protection
Today I have chosen for you "4 Season Global Protection" a rare bouquet of natural Fito – active ingredients, a protective full set of Vitamins, Amino-acids, Minerals, Zero miles Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Chamomile. A triple effect moisturizer: it helps to minimize dark spots and discoloration, to prevent premature skin aging caused by sun damage, and to provide effective and long lasting hydration, porcelain - effect. A comforting texture cream, indicated for damaged, delicate and photosensitive skins, with a dynamic sensorial note. Apply frequently on exposed areas.
foam and yelling seagulls
"And I ask  for only a day of wind, with flying white clouds, full of spray and foam and yelling seagulls"   From, "Sea Fever" by John Mansfield.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Glowing Beuty
Shine with your own light and love.
"Every woman can look best if she is comfortable inside her skin. Not important clothes and make-up, but how she shines”. Sophia Loren quote
Shine with its own light annoys those who live in darkness?
Being endowed with positive energy is of the independent people, they are able to light the darkest, dullest hearts.
Glowing beauty
As stars, they give off heat, face life with a positive charge and with goals that can only be achieved with the help of their own strength. Others, they are obligate to watch.
It doesn’t teach, doesn’t learn. The glow is a gift. Improved yes, also enviable in the eyes of the less talented.
And the light is our skin, our shield, the exhibition, the home of our world. It has a long memory. She is sick, nervous, metereopathic, sad or happy. It is sincere.
Golden bubbles
Protect it from excessive stress, smoke, heat and cold, from dryness, from sunlight and asphyxiating products. Let it breathe, it will nourish and shine like a star you are.
"Comfort Blue" Repairing Effect Cream, is a natural phyto active  formula that transforms the daily vicissitudes to which the skin is subjected to rest. A Spa in alittle vase from the Home Care Collection La Blue, rich in precious oils including the precious zero miles organic olive oil Amalfi Coast, collagen, hyaluronic acid, chamomile and aloe extracts, to help defeat oxidative damage, to make you feel oxygenated, nourished, loved.
Skincare beauty routine Gold skin
Stay tuned on us and wish a beautiful day.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


On a journey
Do we move people or things?
I say both. What is a journey if we do not go with us favorite objects, the indispensable ones? (Clippers, ewing kit, floss, termometer, pen and notebook, small torch and mouthwash?).
Road signs
All joking aside, sometimes our luggage is a real moving, planned for the unimaginable, for the unique event, for the impossible situation. Our dreams are at the gates, our vacations are a concentrate of desires .. all to be realized. Flashy evening dresses, sandals never worn before, elegant shawls for  eventual breezes, fluttering and sexy beach robe, a  super equipped beauty case and also tour guides, books, sunglasses, 3 types of hair brushes , hairgel, hairspray and maybe we forget essential accessories, for our health, for our well-being.
Breakfast on a luxury boat
By the sea, in the mountains, in the countryside, I think we should never miss a protective UV ray, wind, heat or cold. Today I have chosen for you the Hydra Extrèmes..Femme and Homme, natural fito active concentrates with UV protection and without petrolatum, to protect the skin from atmospheric agents, to hydrate lightly without greasiness. A practical help to skin tension and a perfect remedy for skin health. An accessory to always carry with you ... for a look that is always young and bright.
Love is skin treatment and beauty routine for two.
"The goal is to leave" Giuseppe Ungaretti, Italian poet and writer.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Summer is Magic!
A summer is always exceptional, whether it is hot or cold, dry or wet.  (Gustave Flaubert)
Ready for the glare, the travels, the bright thoughts ... and the beautiful beaches? Sun and sea are a remedy for the mind, for the skin. The desire to uncover, to oxygenate , to tone up yourself, to show the benefits of a day at sea is irresistible. The sea water is rich of iodine and mineral salts, it is invigorating and smoothing, soothes redness and itchs, the important thing is to rinse off with warm water using delicate products, free of alcohol and perfumes that are better tolerated by the skin, a good habit that will also protect you from perspiration, sometimes responsible for skin irritation and dryness.
Woman on the beach enjoying sun and summer.
For the sun, protect yourself with quality solar, high coefficient 50 Sfp , and better to avoid the hottest times, wearing glasses, wide-brimmed holliwoodian hats and dresses in light muslin or linen, which are fresh and breathable. If you shallow drugs, it is better to check with your dermatologist that they do not interact negatively with the sun , providing visible reactions, Be sure. Imperative for your day at the beach, hydrate yourself! With water, vegetables and fruit in yellow and orange colors, a load of essential antioxidants to prevent dryness, for the health of your skin.
Yellow and orange fruits
Today I have chosen for you, "4Season Global Protection" an extraordinary natural phyto active formula,0% petrolatum, with UV sunlight rays protection 50, an effective product, with dynamizing scent, that leaves the skin bright, velvety and protected.
Luxury natural skin treatment  Woman enjoying summer magic
Allergenic fragrances free.
Voici l’etè, pour toi.. la vie en rose.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


First commandment?
Sleep well.
07.00 am, wake up. Your day begins to take shape, with patience make a priority list and .... all the points have priority. You remember the last session of Yoga and breathe. You start. Breakfast, choice of dress, make-up for you ... beard for him ... hasty salutes, car..bus..metro..crowd, thoughts. The sweet-eyed colleague try to be clever? Is your secretary unavailable? The email you were waiting for does not arrive? Do you find 47 emails to read? Do you have to leave everything for an emergency?
lamborghini luxury lifestyle
And so on until the afternoon, until the evening. You remember that you exist, that you have dreams, desires and that you are tired, that you have given everything.Your body tells you the truth, listen to it. Cultivate it, protect it and help it to counteract discomfort and premature ageing. Your inner beauty is the first ingredient for your exterior beauty. Do not neglect yourself. Leave work, disagreements, worries one step away from your evening, from your night.
Beauty sleep
Resting little and bad accelerates aging. Good rest sweeps away thoughts, and even free radicals. The night is an anti-aging workshop for the skin. Let's help it to reintegrate the water and the lost substances, to speed up the process of skin renewal.
precious vitamin c
 I chose for you an extraordinary product ."Volumnia" Anti age Treatment, a bouquet of phyto-active ingredients without petrolatum. rich in plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, collagen, organic extra virgin olive oil Costa d'Amalfi, ceramide 3. An explosion of pure well-being for an awakening of bright, nourished and rejuvenated skin.
Skin treatment Water and lemon
Good morning begins with a smile, a smile of well-being.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore Maison.
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


"Under different name, The fable of you speaks" Horace
Create your own legend.  Princesses exist!
If you want to be a princess, you must first try it.
The princesses are cultured, delicate in their ways, protective with people who have nothing to offer, follow their hearts, contribute to peace, serenity and prosperity, are mediators or protagonists in wars of thrones, dynasties and royal successions, are courageous in challenges, protect the weak, inspire hopes.
Fairytale castle
All realities that every woman lives every day, in her daily life. All realities that every woman faces and solves. The titles are different, not the contents. The point is to do it with style, with beauty and with courage.
Every day a beautiful princess
Every woman can be a princess, who doesn’t  let the fashion industries play with her insecurities, who doesn’t believe in retouched and fake cover models. Every woman knows she has her own perfume, her splendor, a palette of colors to invent a magic, she knows how to be regal, she knows how to choose, she knows how to be beautiful, she can be reborn for a dream, for an inspiration, for a desire, to do the right thing.
Flowers color Palette
Today I have chosen for you the most regal of the La Blue formulations, "Magnifica", Eau Genial, an impalpable precious moisturizing spray water, delicate and essential, free of petrolatum , delicate and hypoallergenic , which will help illuminate your appearance, to relax your facial features and to quench the skin of your face.
Skin treatment for a princessEvery day princess
You are a true legend.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


A truly luxury antioxidant?
Find out what it is!
Pearls of love were generated by the magical union between the water of the ocean and the light of the moon.
This is a legend, the reality is more magical, because the effect of oysters on our organism is almost miraculous. Of the highest quality and certified, they contain an extraordinary bouquet of precious elements that strengthens the hair, strengthens the nails and illuminates the skin. Rich in iron, mineral salts and B vitamins that improve the healthiness of the skin and counteract anesthetism and impurities. But it is  zinc that makes this precious fruit of the sea legendary, a stimulating mineral of male and female hormones, which counteracts the sense of fatigue and  is an effective help to our immune system
Pearl of Oyester
Even Gaius Plini the Second, botanist, naturalist, admiral of ancient Rome,  was enthralled by the allure of this legend of love "the oysters in the time of love open themselves almost to yawn, they are filled with dew that fertilizes them and then give birth to pearls."
Morning mist
Marennes Oleron, in Nouvelle Aquitaine awaits you, with its extravagant tides, between its markets and the many colors of its houses on the sea, but above all, this place offers  the best oysters in Europe, of all sizes and the highest quality, directly farmed in the Claires. If you are lucky, you will learn about the famous "David Herve" who grew up in a marine park and then moved into the Claires for 8 months. A crunchy taste, with the aromas of herbs and hazelnuts, an oyster fit for a king.
In every woman there is a Venus born from the waters, Sandro Botticelli has painted one for all of humanity, to you, the task of designing yourself every day, in beauty and elegance.
Venere Botticelli
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur de maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


The face?
Not just appearance, facial expressions ... it's identity.
No one is interested in competing with the finalists of the Independent Critics List 2017 chosen among the hundred most beautiful faces of 196 nations in the world, such as Thylane Blondeau or Liza Soberano.
We are interested in having a healthy and bright appearance. And where to start if not from a loving and careful cleaning?
A thousand are the pitfalls for our face, smog, stress, sun, cold and bad routines.
La Ville blue
For the night it is important to remove make-up, bacterias and impurities to gently disinfect, oxygenate and prepare the skin for moisturizing or nocturnal treatments, respecting the skin's hydrolipyl film. Upon awakening, it is useful to repeat the operation with delicate movements to reactivate the circulation and remove excess sebum.
A DIY remedy? We moisturize the face with distilled or thermal water, then with a cotton flock soaked in olive oil or sweet almond or avocado or hemp or all together (previously mixed in a small bottle with a few drops of lavender essential oil) we remove makeup and impurities, repeating the operation if necessary until total cleaning. Night and morning, for a naturally velvety and clean face. 
blowing in the wind
If instead you want to entrust on a product of intense quality and the competence of experts in phytocosmetics, I have chosen for you “Lait Lumière” Visage et Cou a soft and velvety formulation rich of flavonoids, polyphenols, amino-acids and vitamines, a sensorial combination of natural Fito – active ingredients that soflty removes make up, impurities, excess sebum and dead cells. Helps maintain moisture barrier, leaves skin soft, radiant and comfortable. No need to rinse. 100% Petrolanum free.
skin treatment flowers bloom
Every day, your face, your story to narrate.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Don’t wait even a minute to be reborn!
After the Easter excesses. .do not waste a minute and take advantage of the extraordinary climate of renewal of spring. The awakening is tangible, our skin asks for oxygen, elasticity and health after the winter grayness. Go out, take long morning walks, hydrated drinking water, preparing healthy smoothies of celery, carrots and apples. Clean your skin during a shower with organic extra virgin olive oil with fine salt and gently massage with movements from the bottom to the top, This  natural scrub  will leave you skin free from dead cells, soft and hydrated. A healthy weekly appointment.
pink flowers skincare
After, i chose for you Repairing Treatment from La Blue Collection Menu, A natural Fito- active formula rich of Vitamins, Amino-acids, Collagen, Zero miles Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Minerals containing Resveratrol, specifically studied to quench skin's thirst for immediate hydration. Impalpable texture, with a dynamic sensorial note. Ipoallergenic fragrance. 
skin treatment  skin treatment
Happy spring beginning in health and beauty
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Grandma's beauty remedies?
Natural Oils
A mine of good intentions and ancient remedies with the home taste. The softeners par excellence, the oils.
I will give you a recipe of elasticizing oil, easy to prepare, which will protect your skin by helping to prevent stretch marks and damage skins.
orange flower
Mix a glass of organic extra virgin olive oil with a glass of almond oil and let them stand for a week in the dark and cool with chopped rosemary leaves.Filter and use it after a lukewarm moist shower, with massages from bottom to top.
blending natural olive and almond oils
In case you do not want to wait for full moons or feel sorcerers apprentices.. I recommend from The Blue Collection, IMPLENUM, a sensorial soft body emulsion, enriched with natural phyto active ingredients and organic extra virgin olive oil from Costa d'Amalfi that helps to preserve the Natural Moisturing of the skin, leaving the skin visibly nourished, bright and refreshed. Hypoallergenic perfume, 0% Petrolatum.
 soothing relaxing bath
Grandma's remedies become science for your perfection.
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur de maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d'Amalfi 

Photo Giorgiana Pallamara

Secret Escapes
The secret of an escape? Do not tell it anyone
Never happen to wish an escape? To catapult you into the little Bled to look  in its charming lake or in the delightful Algarve to stretch you in the sun on its white and deserted beaches. I would always prefer to watch from  Positano at sunset the rocks of the Sirenuse, rocks of myths, ambushes and love stories.
pink hues of sunset
The hotels are romantic, the service is discreet ... almost impalpable, the colors are Mediterranean, the food is local, charming, with a thousand tasty surprises ... visual. Scenarios follow each other extraordinary, all unforgettable and people are friendly, sunny, they love people, they love their Costa.
orange hues of sunset
 In these places I would invite you to try a product chosen from the wellness menu "SPA & Wellness La Blue Collection" an unforgettable sensory journey to make you feel in harmony with the places, in elegance and harmony.
nature flowers orange
Treatment, to re-light, with the help of a visagist, and oriental perfumes, your colors, your true soul.
For your perfect moment.
Annalisa Baldi
Director De Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d'Amalfi


The secret to being healthy?
Body in motion ... spirit at rest.
And then let's move! Do not be frightened by the cold ... every day is good to start; it's never too late to take care of yourself.
fitness wellness dance yoga
A walk at a fast pace, at least 20 minutes, with natural steps, increasing speed gradually, with relaxed shoulders, 90-degree arms, straight look, reactivates heartbeat, breathing, muscles and joints. It invigorates us and we lose excess calories. It makes us detach the brain from everyday life and produce endorphins, also called hormones of happiness. 
orange flower
The results? We will be more relaxed and our hearts will be stronger. Once at home, let's have a shower with moisturizing oily soaps and gently dampen the moisture.
wellness fruits
Today I chose for you, "Repairing Treatment" The Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, a luxurious phyto active formula that helps restore epithelial losses, giving hydration, brightness and well-being.
 woman relax spa
While the spirit finally ..rests.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Skincare few tips
The colours of Carnival
Few suggests for perfect bright skin not just at carnival!
1) Oxygenate you with walking away from the smog for 30 minutes a day
2) Do not eat junk food
3) Sleep supine so you can prevent  indelible wrinkles
4) Dedicate to the delicate face and body scrub a weekly appointment
The colours of Carnival
5) Protect your eyes during the day with sunglasses
6) Always clean your skin before sleeping
7) Do facial gymnastics when you wake up
8) Drink water, no less than 1.5 liters per day
9) Use a moisturizing day cream with UV protection, all year round.
10) Do not forget the neck , lips and cleavage.
Colored flags in the wind
Today I have chosen for you A sinergy with a precious Vitamins concentration, Minerals, Amino-acids, Zero miles Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Tocopherols, Biophenols, Jaluronic acid and Collagen, a luxurious natural Fito – active ingredients for a healthy, protective and hydrating action. Sun Protection Factor 15-30.  Ipoallergenic fragrance.0% Petrolatum
pink flowers
Few rules… 100% efficacy.
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di maison.
La blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi

Desire a quiet get away?

Let it snow snow snow!
Let it  snow snow snow!
Does the city stress you?  Does it push you to unsustainable rhythms? The time has come for a little bit of  relaxation.
Get the first plane out ! cross the ocean! drive to Zermatt.. Whistler.. Aspen.. Courmayeur!
Wherever you want, and enjoy the silence of the snow.
winter snow
 You are a sportswoman, feel the adrenaline rush, go snowboarding, cross country skiing, this is the right place for getting everything back together, it’s the same for foodies,  lovers of the spa or the sweet doing nothing in the  mountain sun. Remember that  altitude and the harsh climate increases water loss and  tissues become less oxygenated ... so do not forget to drink plenty of water, juices and smoothies. And to the delight of lovers of bread, pasta and pizza, carbohydrates are essential at high altitudes, they increase resistance, promote recovery, protect protein reserves. So, go ahead and take advantage of the freedom of eating carbos!
For UV , wind and cold protection, I have chosen for you today "4 Season Global Protection" The Blue Fitocosmesi d’ Amalfi, an extraordinary phyto-active emulsion with a triple effect: it helps to minimize dark spots and epidermal discoloration , to prevent skin aging due to sun exposure with the Sfp 50 and provides an effective and lasting hydration effect porcelain.
Winter red flowers
Do not forget to do something enchanting every day ...
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


The ideal man is you ..!
Prince Charming
Do ever feel as if you were a stereotype of the male world? Do not you see yourself  as a statue, toned, tanned, with a deep voice, with a magnetic look  in the eye, as light as a feather?
motorcycle bike
Never mind, what we present to the world is very often different to reality. And a good thing too. Having a career hedonist next to her is not exactly what a real woman wants. A man who always checks himself out in the mirror, never misses a barber’s appointment, a man who has a phobia-like dedication to social media or games with alpha friends, who socializes desperately in bars, restaurants and after dinner, telling  anecdotes “for men”, who eyes up every woman that crosses his path, it is the aftertaste of the man who believes he lives the perfect life, when  the only perfect thing is his failure to see himself for what he really is.
colorful cocktails
Ever thought that  sympathy, a  sense of irony, moderation and self-care, are the winning cards for self-assertion? A self-confident, tidy, humorous and naive man is far more disarming than any beautiful and soulless man. A man  who knows about  the good things in life, who knows how to enjoy himself and share healthy entertainment, sensitive to the needs of others, wins on all fronts.
green leaves
Care for youself, enjoy moments of relaxation in the morning after shaving, today I have chosen for you "Hydra Extrème Homme" Oxi Lumière The Blue Phytocosmetics of Amalfi, an extraordinary active phyto, moisturizing, preventive and antioxidant formula, for a more relaxed, colorful and nourished and healthy skin.
skin treatment for men skin treatment
As for the rest....give it a try……. I ‘m counting on you !
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Le secret du bon vivre?
Your face is the mirror of what goes on inside
“I try to observe what I is always in front of me: the garden of the house, my street. And everything surprises me. "J.W.Goethe
Street art
Free yourself from envy, malice, feelings of abuse, superfluous stress, your face and your eyes show everything. Nourish your body with healthy goals, related to the beauty of art and style, move with elegance, be grateful to those who give you affection and do not spare yourself in offering it. Do not neglect comparing yourself  with others as this will help you to measure your place in the world, but above all translate this immense movement of thoughts and actions in lightness, to enjoy the authentic art of bon vivre.
Colorful brushes
Your face is the mirror of what goes on inside, you will not know imbalance, good thoughts illuminate and looking after yourself, it makes  everything and everywhere shine.
Do not spare yourself in advanced reading, travel, and fitness, and above all take care of your smile and your skin.
Fruit wellness
Today I have chosen for you "Magnifica Spray" Eau Hydratante Gènial La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, a bouquet of natural phyto-active ingredients rich in soothing waters,. Vitamins, Amalfi Coast Organic Extra virgin olive oil , for a refreshing and  balancing immediate action, Efficient tonic for a smooth, radiant and elastic skin, with  Ipoallergenic fragrance. 
Magnifica Spray 
The forces of nature captured in spray bottle for your perfect moment of beauty.
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Haute couture of beauty
Reveal yourself
Do you want to be envied? Courted? Loved? Be yourself. There is nothing more transgressive than doing exactly what you want. In the office, at a party, walking with the dog, during shopping, with your partner, driving, with friends, with the enemies. Being oneself creates a kind of aura around the person, which others cannot ignore. It's like watching a passing train, you can only to watch zooming it. It is the haute couture of life, of beauty, of style.
Watch yourself , do at least an hot bath in the evening with a few drops of relaxing essential oils, lavender if you're worried, sandal if you're sad, sage if you've been indoors, chamomile if you're physically tired. Collect ideas, untie the knots, release yourself from thoughts. Postpone to tomorrow, relax. What better music than a song by Puccini's Tosca in the background?
If you feel reborn, it is only your merit. I chose for you tonight  an overwhelming journey to pure wellness, devoid of any petroleum-based ingredients,a Comfort blue Treatment, from La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi brand, a leap in the precious extracts of chamomile, extra-virgin olive oil Amalfi Coast zero miles, borage and avocado oils, Aloe, hyaluronic acid and collagen, for wakening of microcirculation, of  fibroplasty and collagen synthesis.
Skincare treatment skincare beauty treatment
Reveal yourself.
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


There is a prince waiting for you
Do not think you are a frog ... there is always a prince or a princess for you
Have you tasted every delight, drank every nectar, spent sparkling sleepless nights? Now do you feel like an ugly duckling? Do you feel worsened, swollen, with opaque skin? Do not worry .. the body heals if we facilitate it in recovery. The cutaneous color is important, it is the visible coefficient of our inner well-being.
The Frog Prince
 In the morning sip white tea, a precious luxury for your body because it is rich in antioxidants, keeps you young, lowers cholesterol, brightens the skin.  
Then apply a detoxifying mask, clean face, mixing greek yogurt, olive oil and 2 drops of lemon, hold for 30 minutes, maybe listening to music and then remove it with warm water.
Rose petals
Treat yourself to a detox sauna as soon as you can while sipping a centrifuged purifier of celery, fennel, green apple and lemon.
Citrus and tropical fruits
And lastly do not forget to massage your face and body with the perfect emulsion that I chose for you today, "Repairing Treatment"  La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, a luxurious natural phyto active cocktail for the global restoration that will reintegrate the lost substances, giving you a luminous, velvety and well-nourished look. 
Skin care treatment Skin care treatment
Wait for your royal kiss now .. your smile will be decisive!
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi




The winter sky is as blue as our desire to be well, our nourishment is good food, self-care, good friends, music, art and love. The new year is coming, and like a tornado, it invades every aspect of our life, upsetting its rhythms and priorities. Time passes ever more quickly, our usual health and wellness appointments are missed, our good intentions dissipate in a sea of appointments and duties that distract us and make us lose our way a little. Stop
Let desires flow lightly ... beauty is all around and breathes, and speaks and whispers .. it wants you to be beautiful every day, every hour, for your well-being, for love, for the beautiful life you have ahead of you.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Wenny Cakes
It's 8 pm, your evening is about to begin, blow away the greyness of rain and cold from your visage, from your body and invent a nourishing illuminating mask, with guaranteed velvet effect, mixes low-fat yogurt (but also milk or cream), honey and extra virgin olive oil (or any butter or oil you have at home) on cleansed skin of face and body , do not forget your hands, better if after a shower, leave on for 25-30 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Tampon umidity gently and moisturize with “ Implenum Hydrating body embrace” La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, a luxury,soft and sensorial fito-active emulsion, ,  helps to restores the Natural Skin Moisture,  leaving it visibily nourished, radiant and refreshed.
You'll be beautiful, and now wear the soft and glamorous dress you've been thinking for tonight and ... do not think about anything, enjoy your party, the stars, shine for you.
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur de Maison
La Blue “ Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi”


Amazing you are
Are you the most important event of this 2017!
The past year has spun our heads, thousands of important and astonishing episodes ... the Donald Trump's assignment at the White House, the discovery of a second milky way, the beautiful Coldplay concert, the exit from the Union of Great Britain, the discovery of Ross 128b, the planet from the Earth's climate, a moment dedicated to our certainly approved budgets.
This is  the year of delights, love and feelings, the year of self-respect, of the awarenes, the right year to throw unwanted suitcases ... unsustainable burdens, enemy friends. It is time to devote ourselves to our happiness, to good thinks for us, to nature, which is without compromises, and from nature we draw ingredients and recipes for our health, our well-being, ancient traditions, scientifically updated for the moment perfect, our moment.
The Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi is ready to participate in your beauty, for your Holy Christmas, for your new beautiful year.
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur de Maison
La Blue “ Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi”


Capitan Hook or Peter Pan?
Do you want to be Capitan Hook or Peter Pan?
From the Duchy of Amalfi, a land of conquests and conquerors, of Ottoman enemies and of pirates, defended and disputed lands. Here, the spirit travels light, high on the peaks of rocks beaten by the wind, beauty surrounds you and you feel part of it, your eyes through the sea spray read the joys  in the wise art of bon vivre. Hardships and worries melt away, becoming impalpable, and every Captain Hook capitulates to a rediscovery of light, becoming part of the air and earth, with dreams, desires, and lightness, discovering the ever young Peter Pan who lives in every one of us.
Let yourself be seduced by the sensory emulsion I have chosen for you today, every man who keeps his youth and cares for his appearance is eager to please .. to give pleasure, to declare his attention to his well-being is a way of giving in to the perfect moment.
"Hydra Extrème Homme" Oxi Lumière is a fondant cocktail of high-gain natural phyto-active, which captures oxygen to release it into the skin. In synergy with a precious concentration of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Tocophenols, Biophenols, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Bio Shale, Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, for a healthy and immediate UV protection, moisturizing and preventative action. Solar protection factor 15-30.
Care for your yourself, free your spirit .. respect your body.
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


La Blue in Beauty
Do you want to tackle time with equal weapons?
Perfect harmony is a philosophical goal, a journey in balance between who we are, who we want to become and by what means to do it. And it is a journey all ours, unique and unrepeatable.
Imperative, love us! Our body is like a temple to be worshiped and respected, which does not forget offenses and abuses. The interaction between genetic kit, environment and psyche dictates our uniqueness. The food stress, pollution, and all the biorhythmic swings to which we are subjecting us daily destabilize and imbalance us, creating real oxidative vortexes that enrich us and intrigue us. Free way to dreams, art, passionate conversations, luxury, self-reliance, and a stalemate with little talk, emotional stress and enemy friends.
Give yourself the perfect time to relax, because it's just yours, with the formula I chose today for you, will light you by giving your body elasticity, softness and turgor, "Implenum" Hydrating body embrace, an extraordinary formula-active formula natural and moisturizing skin that actively contrasts skin aging, restoring the epithelial hydrolipidic equilibrium. Multivitamin, filaments and antioxidants, with extra virgin olive oil Bio kmzero.
The Blue Fitocosmesi of Amalfi does not use petrolatum, its precious formulas are dermocompatible and eco-sustainable, it cares for the biosystem, its rhythms, its riches. Timeless beauty is not an unreachable goal, it is your perfect harmony.
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi

Photo da archivio de IL VESCOVADO

A romantic escape
No man can resist a romantic escape of love in the Amalfi Coast.
Richard Gere, an icon of timeless and refined good looks, this summer accompanied his new flame to the coast, having a swim from his yacht at the "La vite" beach near Amalfi. His age is not important, what matters is what he represents, what he has achieved and how many dreams he has created.
You are not an actor, yet every day you have to navigate this troubled world of commitments, trying to do your best. At times you feel like an ancient gladiator, sometimes with irony ... sometimes in solitude, other times surrounded by people. And your appearance is important.
Certainly making time for yourself, giving a little color to your life, perhaps with the purchase of a cashmere dress designed by Kiton or a '49 Rolex Datejust, will make you forget the vicissitudes of your day just for a moment, but you could also be happy doing volunteer work. Is there anything more soothing for the soul  than helping the needy and sharing something with someone who has nothing?
And your skin care is important, always being  subjected to stress from the weather and unhealthy  nutritional products and aggressive cleansing routines. For you today I have chosen "Comfort Blue" Repairing Effect Cream for stressed and sensitive skins. A clever and delicate formula that effectively moisturizes and soothes stressed and sensitive skin. A luxurious bouquet without petrolatum, rich in amino acids, phytosterols, minerals and flavonoids to ensure that every man finds you fascinating, beautiful and irresistibly healthy. This product contains the precious Evo Bio  Costa d'Amalfi. You can share it if you want .. the product is unisex!
Loving it is the key to a life in harmony
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur de Maison
La Blue “ Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi”


La Blue in Beauty
Verona, Romeo and Juliet
Come, gentle night, come, loving, black-browed night,
Give me my Romeo. And when he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.”
(William Shakespeare Act III, scene II, Capuleti’s garden)
Love is already an elixir of unparalleled beauty,  our skin is brighter, our needs become more intense, desires without fear, but my idea is to make you unique, and to do so you should constantly dedicate yourself to the care of the person, with constancy, love and dedication.
Drink between meals, write far from the company of bores, living without giving away your feelings of envy, take vitamins and mineral salts to make you glow inside and out.
I have chosen for you an extraordinary formula by La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, "VOLUMNIA" an home-care treatment, without surgery, with exclusive and innovative technology, immediately bioavailable, an intensive global luxurious treatment night and day, made by a natural Fito-active network of Staminal cells, Vitamins, Zero miles Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ceramides 3, Collagen and Jaluronic acid. Helps to reconstitute epithelial coating,  promotes cell turn-over, lifting, plumping and elasticizing. A concentration of strategic well-being against oxidative stress. Hypallergenic fragrance, for a spectacular result, a luxurious facial and neck treatment that will give you an enviable texture, will restore tone to the skin and will minimize the signs of time for a younger and healthier look.
Seduction starts from your visage, protects it and makes it perfect.
Annalisa Baldi
Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Deep Night
Deep night.. What would happen if you became more beautiful?
Tonight, did you bring the spring into your life? I hope you have traveled ... that you have explored.
Do you stay in  London? Hope you did not miss the aperitif at the Aquarium Club by the pool or in Positano? What's better than toast on the beach at the famous Buca di Bacco. However, you are being in the Emirates, no excuse, look at the Dubai city on the Burj' al Arab Restaurant’s skyline, it has no equal! But you could be a Glessen to enjoy the after dinner in the elegant Admiral Music Lounge .. or at NY City in the trangressive Crobar Club at Chelsea to fidjet in good company.
Photo courtesy of Restaurant Cala Janara Conca dei Marini
My wish is that you have been well ... even at home, alone or with a good company..to sip anexcellent  red wine, full bodied and structured in a foam tub between scented candles and good background music .Or .. to experience DIY cosmetics in the kitchen. Better trust in La Blue Fitocosmesi d’ Amalfi, a luxury beauty brand for a trip to wellness, research, a choice in scientific biotechnology with ethical characteristics and vegetable ingredients, from exclusive formulas without all petrolatum.
Are you tired? Enjoy a well-deserved demaquillage with the product I chose for you "Lait Lumière" Visage and neck, a soft and velvety, this cleansing formulation is essential in getting your skin ready for beauty daily treatment. Rich of flavonoids, polyphenols, amino-acids and vitamines, a sensorial combination of natural Fito – active ingredients to guarantee a greater nourishing, softening and detergent action,. Soflty removes make up, impurities, excess sebum and dead cells. Helps maintain moisture barrier, leaves skin soft, radiant and comfortable. No need to rinse.
Get ready for sleep .. If you've been drinking too much alcohol or caffeine ... maybe you'll be late for sleep .. if it's worth it, also delete what I just said .. have you turned off your cellphone? The world never sleeps .. I would not wake you from waking up some sleepless crazy or some unpopular advertising. I hope you do not miss nuts, white meats, cheeses, rice and spices in your dinner. They are foods that stimulate serotonin and melatonin .. the best friends of a good sleep. And a good sleep sweeps away the free radicals, the enemies of youth .. and gives you brightness and freshness in the morning.
Now you are ready for the night treatment, the moment in which cosmetic preparations are more active, without stress and sunlight for an effective, healthy and restful result.
"The bed is the field of the spirit liberated by weight; you have to be lying to see the sky. "
Paul Morand
Good stars ...
    Annalisa Baldi                                                        
Directeur de Maison

La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


Photo courtesy of Giorgiana Pallamara

07.59 pm
07.59 pm What would happen if you became more beautiful?
The young Semidus Hercules, the son of Zeus, half human, half divine, desperately lost in love with the Amalpha nymph ... of incomparable beauty and passion, he only wished to marry her, and keep her by his side forever. But Fate decided to sever this delicate life through the Parches, the daughters of the night. The desperate Hercules, with  his heart in pieces, decided to bury her in a land  with equal beauty of the girl, a place with jagged coasts divided between sea and sky, which rivaled  the blue of her eyes and  her extraordinary  wild beauty. In this seductive coastal place he found fragrant gardens, sparkling marigolds and enchanting landscapes, and it is right here that he decided to say goodbye to his nymph, helped by its inhabitants. And he baptized the village, Amalfi ... home of lost love and of beauty.
And you are here .. a real woman .. ready to transform into beauty and amazement for the evening ahead, a meeting  with friends, with your man, with someone new, or just  be like a nymph, your eyes are immaculate, and you wish to light up your day and be beautiful just for yourself because you do not want to miss even one minute of your incredible life.
Enjoy a tepid shower in relaxation, better if with aromas and music that will prepare you for the tone of your evening, also use oily soaps, they will not dry the skin, the last rinse must be with cold water, this tones the tissues, reactivates microcirculation and will increase the absorption of the moisturizing product
Lightly pat your skin dry, leaving it slightly damp to  better absorb  the new beauty formula I have chosen tonight for you. "Implenum" Hydrating Body Embrace, The Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, a sensory soft emulsion, an extraordinary formula Phyto-active natural moisturizer that actively counteracts skin aging, restores balance epithelial hydrolipid, multivitamin, filming, antioxidant, with zero miles of Amalfi Coast organic extra-virgin olive oil , which helps to preserve the natural moisturizing of the skin, leaving the skin visibly nourished, bright and refreshed, with hypoallergenic perfume and free of all petrolatum. A splash of health and well-being to spread from the bottom up with slow and delicate circular movements. For the face, eye area and neck after thorough cleansing, I’d use  the extraordinary serum "Volumnia Serum" Anti-aging Treatment again,  which I  already mentioned at 02.00 pm, a moisturizer sculpting a skincare moisturizing flash, of rare quality and effectiveness.
Once bright, moisturized and soft, choose your make up and the  outfit, have fun, be daring, be elegant but not boring, wear at least an haute couture article of clothing , let your beautiful soul shine through ... without overdoing it, in short, to hide is certainly more intriguing than being too flashy. A hidden thing is a voyage of discovery for the beholder, once in sight, the journey is at an end, the train has arrived at the station ! You decide what game you want to live, I'm sure whatever you choose ... you'll always be beautiful!
See you when you get back home .. good evening from me.
It is imperative.to.be happy!
           Annalisa Baldi                                                         
      Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi

Model: with courtesy of Mrs Romana Cappa Misuraca

06.00 pm
06.00 pm What would happen if you became more beautiful?
The light travels fast in October, and we have to prepare our heart for the evening, mitigating the tiredness of a long day and  caressing our needs, our desires. If you are at home, you can try to create a small garden of fine spices or aromatic herbs, or you can write a fairy tale that you would always like to hear, or download a book to be read on your sofa  at ease or try a recipe for a beautiful future occasion or buy a ticket for the Billy Joel concert at Madison Square Garden (October 20, 8pm).
If you have time, you could organize a trip to Amalfi Coast, the land of the great travelers, the nineteenth-century Grand Tour, a favorite place for European nobles, who were inspired by the scenery as were  great composers and writers through time , from Boccaccio to Gregorovius, from Wagner to Ibsen and Hugo, you would breathe an air of delight and beauty.
Organic olive oil is produced here, precious extra virgin olive oil, on these impetuous hills, our company uses this very oil in our products, in the formulas Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi,
Precious oil, which comes from an olive cultivation of a small plot  on the  terraces overlooking the sea, at  Conca dei Marini (Sa), to be precise at the  Tenuta Campitiello.
It is a  limited production, the result of the enormous effort in cultivating terraces  so entrenched in historic and traditional methods of cultivation. Without acidity, pollution, which benefits from  active ingredients, first of all, Vitamin E that encourages an increase in  tone to connective tissues, its riepitelizzanti benefits the elasticity of capillaries and being a powerful anti-free radical antioxidant, the real enemy of skin aging. UV protection factor 4/6.
Relaxation is imperative, it is good for beauty, spirit  and the wonder of our spiritual wellness.
See you later .. appointment one minute before 08.00 pm.
           Annalisa Baldi
       Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi

Photo courtesy of Barbara Vittoria Vitale

02.00 pm
02.00 pm What would happen if you became more beautiful
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by things you did do. So haul up the anchor. Sail away from  safe harbor. Capture the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain
Yes, exploration has boldness, magic, strength and genius, it's a bridge for your own desires. It is the right path to make your dreams a reality.
It's 02.00 pm, reawaken your spirit, no matter if you are in the office reading an infinite number of emails, video conferencing to assert your ideas, at the hairdresser  deciding on the new cut or  dreaming of an adventurous trip
What matters is that you have been thinking of doing something you really want, and that you are beginning to do it. It is an infallible recipe to fight your fears, clichés and feel alive .. feel free. Being alive renders you  bright, fascinating and intrepid, fundamental qualities to surprise others and not to know boredom ... the enemy of the mediocre.
The spirit’s care is the key to your inner beauty and elegance, it is the engine of dreams, hopes, and the desire to share it, expressing your world with beauty and transforming yourself into the beautiful woman you are .. and you will become. La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, born from a dream, a project of health, beauty, respect for the world around us and from the various products of the luxury line, I have chosen a fantastic serum for you "Volumnia Serum" Anti agingTtreatment, a spectacularly  bouquet , enriched with Staminal cells, Vitamine C, Zero miles Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ceramides 3, Collagen, Jaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10. Fibroplastic cells stimulant cream, efficient radical scavanger, deep cutaneous plumping, which is immediately bio – active, free of any petrolatum,for an istant reactivation, hydration and brightness, a formula for an immediate feeling of “remise en forme”.
The elegance of love yourself is irresistible!
            Annalisa Baldi
       Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi

Photo courtesy of Giorgiana Pallamara

11.00 a.m.
Ore 11 What would happen if I became more beautiful?
It's easy to think that the Amalfi Coast has ever been and will always be one of the most romantic places in the world. The imposing cliffs .. The sunny lemon orchards, that face stormy waves and silvery moons. Theater of declarations of love, of celestial intercessions, and of miracles.
It is said that around the 1500 ,the Captain of the Ottoman fleet Ariadeno Barbarossa’s fleet attacked the rich and flourishing Amalpha to plunder and destroy it.
 Many were the people who prayed to the venerable saint, and in the heat of the battle, they invoked the help of Saint Andrea, Holy Patron of Amalfi.  Well, when all seemed lost ... a sudden storm arose and terrible thunder and lightning destroyed Ottoman fleet. Of that dark and miraculous night of the Middle Ages, people still speak today. These legends help people believe that everything is possible.
Today you can perform a miracle too…
It's 11am , you've already started your day, your battles, your challenges, in a world that demands perfection, beauty, success, sense of duty, but also happiness, optimism and availability, 24 hours a day.
Take a break, something good for your body and mind. Allow yourself   time for a session of pilates. It's a complete and total regime and / or even an unplanned snack with friends, a smoothie, an oyster dish or a dark chocolate, a snack at the right moment to lift the spirit.
Do not forget to drink water, it hydrates from the inside, alleviates tension. If you don’t already have this routine, try to develop one, the challenges are so good for your body and self-esteem.
Before beginning, make sure you look as bright as you can. I have chosen a perfect product to spray on visage, neck and cleavage, in pocket format, "Eau Magnifica spray" La Blue Fitocosmesi d'Amalfi, a concentrate of precious balm waters, hyaluronic acid, collagen and Costa d’Amalfi zero miles organic extra virgin olive oil, you will feel an immediate sensation of freshness and hydration, your skin will no longer feel tight, you will replenish the lost substances and you’ll feel ready to face your extraordinary day.
See you at 2pm with stories ... myths or maybe, tips, secrets ...
            Annalisa Baldi
     Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


7.30 am
7.30 am What would happen if I became more beautiful?
On the Amalfi Coast beauty, charm and style are our thing ..
The rules? Relaxation, self-care, self-esteem and magnetism.
Every woman has a strong point ... a talent all her own, Homeric sirens seduced by their voices, the lady of leisure with power, the wives of famous men with sweetness, beauty in itself, is a gift given by God. And this is what we are dealing with this morning. Your personal, unique, unrepeatable beauty. It takes 10 minutes to shine!
Run the hot water tap in your bathroom while you have a balanced breakfast rich in vitamins, mineral salts, simple sugars and complex carbohydrates, such as yoghurt, fruit juices and cereal flakes with tea or cappuccino, in the company of those you love or  accompanied by positive thoughts Are you relaxed? I hope so, because now for a few minutes you will allow the steam that has been created in your bathroom to dilate the pores of your skin.
It's time to wake your facial skin with distilled water, limestone is a sworn enemy of the skin! Rub away residual moisture gently, removing impurities and corneas, dead cells of the stratum corneum, and finally your skin will breathe!
The skin is ready to absorb the extraordinary cosmetic product we have chosen for you, "Hydra Extrème Femme" Blue Fitocosmesi di Amalfi, a velvety moisturizing day emulsion, a precious concentration of vegetable ingredients, hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins , amino acids, minerals, completely free of petrolatuses, silicones, petroleum jelly, paraffins, dyes and synthetic oils. Apply to the face and neck with slow and loving movements from the bottom up until full absorption. This extraordinary formula has UV protection itself, which will protect your skin when outdoors.
Thus you will have  stimulated microcirculation, and reintegrated the epidermal layer of lost substances. Your face will be bright, oxygenated and glowing.
See you at 11 am .. with more secrets and tips.
Directeur de Maison La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi
                              Annalisa Baldi

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