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Photo courtesy of David Higgins

Bonding through play
Little moments of Happiness
Lucy is being swung round by her aunt, Ashleigh, on Ashleigh's wedding day. Bonds and love are often confirmed through play and such little moments of happiness. Situations like this only occur between people that are comfortable with each other, family and close friends. This bonding moment is framed against one of those dramatic skies and the location, on top of a small hill, displays the obvious happiness and love between the two.
Bride happiness joyful moment
Photo by David Higgins
Thank you so much David, for sharing with us this joyful moment.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo courtesy of Zsolt Berend

Dawn of Love
New beginning 
May this new year brings you a new beginning. May it be the dawning of a new life full of love, hopes and possibilities. May it has in store for you every day a little surprise.
Welcome 2018!
Dawn of love
Photo courtesy of Zsolt berend
Thank you Zsolt for sharing a dream with us.
Marcella Lavarini


Photo courtesy of J. Buttram

The proposal
A winter bliss.
As the snow and cold air bites around them, creating a dramatic scene, he drops down on one knee to ask a world shattering question.
winter marriage proposal
 Photo courtesy  Jeremiah Buttram
Thank you so much Jeremiah, for sharing with us.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo of the Day by Aozma Qureshi

Glowing Beauty
Colors of a glowing beauty and spotlight eyes.
Colors glowing beauty
Photo courtesy of Aozma Qureshi
Thank you so much Aozma, for sharing with us.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo of the Day Gergana Dzhevelieva

Unordinary Wedding
Blue Shoes
Catching the moment.. Gergana, the photographer, was living in Krakow, Poland for 4 months. This wonderful place is the Jewish district, it keeps so much paint and history between the streets. Nowadays is the most interesting Art place in Poland. She was walking there when she saw this unusual  and enchating wedding moment.
Photo courtesy of Gergana Dzhevelieva
Thank you so much Gergana, for sharing with us.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo of the Day By Chrisman Studio

A Loving Beach Wedding
A Romantic Elopment in Mexico
Francesca always imagined her wedding with Chris to be just the two of them, and they picked the perfect environment for such an intimate, beautiful exchange.
Photo courtesy of Chrisman Studio - Photographer Ben Chrisman
Thank you so much Ben and Erin, for sharing with us.
Marcella Lavarini


Photo of the Day By Sabina Mladin

Burning Sunset
Trash the dress
What an amazing day it was for Sabina....first she loved the lavender field and then sky turned red and orange at sunset over this lovely couple in a  field full of sheeps.
Photo courtesy of Sabina  Mladin
Thank you so much Sabina, for sharing with us.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo of the day By Ankit Narang

Love beyond words
Up-close with the bride
Stolen moments just before this beautiful bride-to-be wedding, while she isgetting ready, her enchanting eyes are so full of love, she is few moments away to start a new life.
Photo courtesy of Ankit Narang
Thank you so much Ankit, for sharing with us.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo of the day By Yervant International

Back to the to the fabulous ' 20s
Hanging around on the streets of Palermo
A show-stopping couple of newlyweds are wandering the streets and alleys of Palermo, among the surprised looks of traffic policemen.
Photo courtesy of Yervant International Photography
Thanks so much to the Grand Master Photographer Yervant, always kind and willing to share his world-famous shots.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo of the day By Eastlyn Bright

Dramatic Rockies
The perfect sky
During an engagement shooting adventure with Will & Jen in the Colorado Rockies, the weather could not have been more dramatic or perfect.
engagement shooting perfect sky
Photo courtesy  Eastlyn Bright

Photo of the day By Vali Rosca

Lost in her thoughts
A moment full of emotions
The photographer wanted to immerse himself into the spell, surprise, drama, emotions, waiting and everything in between of the bride-to-be before taking this picture. He was trying to capture those fleeting moments to tell her story.
Bride-to-be emotional moment
Photo courtesy of Vali Rosca 

Photo of the day By Shannon Hunt

Streets of Philadelphia
The Wedding Photographer
The photographer was amazed that this photographer was lying in the middle of Market Street shooting this wedding couple and didn't seem too concerned about all the cars speeding by on both sides of him. She bet he captured a fantastic picture with City Hall behind the couple. It had rained a few minutes before Shannon took this shot so you can still see the rain drops on the window.
The wedding photographer
Photo courtesy of Shannon Hunt Photography
Thank you so much Shannon, this is an incredible shot, thanks for sharing with us.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo of the day By Robbie Khan

The split
The Split
The photographer was inspired to take this shot by images He 'd seen in sci-fi movies and He always wanted to try it in a photo!
I’ve always loved this shot, there is something about it, I love the symmetry in this portraits for two .  
I can’t help stop singing … “We’re One but we’re not the same”
Bride groom the split
Photo courtesy of Robbie Khan Photography
Thank you so much Robbie, you’ve been always so nice and kind to me. Thanks for sharing with us.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo of the day By Aozma Qureshi

Emotional Wedding moment
Happinnes, Sadness and everything in between.
This photograph was taken when the bride got into the car to leave her family and ride off to her husband’s home. The pain she felt knowing she had to leave was shown as she cried. She hid her face with her gorgeous adorned hand when she was settled in the car so she could cry in secret.
When all marriage rituals are over, comes the last yet most important custom of Indian Wedding where bride leaves her family forever to start a new life with her husband. Happiness for the new life which is about to begin and sadness for leaving her family, both strong emotions that will last a lifetime in this outstand shot.
Indian bride emotional moment
Photo Courtesy of Aozma Qureshi
Thank you so much Aozma, one of the kindest person I’ve ever met beyond the the great professional.
Marcella Lavarini

Photo Courtesy of Ron Conigliaro

True Love in Vietnam
A wedding day in the ancient village of Hoi An.
This couple is spending their wedding day together in the ancient village of Hoi An. He was so gentle with her, she moved liked an angel, wearing a traditional  pink Áo dài wedding dress.
The photographer Ron Conigliaro is always looking for that special person who He think has a story to tell. while He was on one of the bridges, He saw this couple who were in a boat and celebrating their wedding The decorative iron grate on the bridge was used to frame the shot. this is LOVE
Wedding day in Hoi An
Photo courtesy of Ron Conigliaro
Thank you so much Ron, a great person always willng to share and help, beyond the distinguished photographer and professional.
Marcella Lavarini

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