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Photo courtesy Victoria Made

Jazzy wedding cakes to try
The sweetest things.
Another Year is coming to an End, leave all the bitter things behind and yourself indulge in all the sweet things right in front of us… mouth-watering jazzy wedding cakes. Who is in?
Let yourself be inspired by The Ultra Violet Pantone color of the year 2018, It will light the way toward the future.
On the left: A dramatic purple amethyst geode wedding cake with sugar agate topper.
On the right: A detail of the purple amethyst geode wedding cake.
Photo courtesy of For the Love of Cake
Let yourself be inspired by the Japanese art of elegance.  
On the left: Sakura Blossom Wedding Cake.
On the right: The hand painted Japanese Opulence Wedding Cake.
Photo courtesy of Victoria Made
Let yourself be inspired by the setting rays of the sun turn the endless sky in infinite shades of pink.
On the left: Peach ombre wedding cake with pearls.
On the right: Ombre rosette wedding cake.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Wenny Cakes
Let yourself be inspired by the purity of newly fallen snow, simply white, simply extraordinary.
On the left: A flame beats inside our hearts, The Sculptural Modern Wedding Cake.
On the right: The Blossom Wedding Cake.
Photo courtesy of Victoria Made
Let yourself be inspired by the deep blue sky above us.
On the left: A blue Geode wedding cake.
On the right: The Space wedding cake.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Wenny Cakes
Let yourself be inspired by the new gold dream.
On the left: Hand-painted with a French Poem Wedding cake and Sugar Flower Sprays.
On the right: Metallic Gold Hand-Painted Florals Wedding Cake.
Photo courtesy of Oakleaf Cakes
Let yourself be inspired by the fashion trend for the new year to come, the black accent.
On the left: Withe ruffles and black top wedding cake.
On the right: The enchanting black ribbon details on the wedding cake.
Photo courtesy of Victoria Made
Let yourself be inspired by the rain falling.
On the left: Hand painted Bird and gold drip wedding cake.
On the right: Gold drip ombre pink wedding cake.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Wenny Cakes
Let yourself be tempted by the fillings and textures inside a nearly wedding naked cake.
On the left: Gold leaf nearly naked wedding cake.
On the right: Bohemian baby nearly naked with fondant accents.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Wenny Cakes
Let yourself be inspired by the bohemian atmosphere of the Baz Luhrmann’s movie Moulin Rouge.
Photo courtesy of Honey Crumb
I would like to thank all the cake Designer, who with their piece of art have made this journey through the sweetest things possible.
Marcella Lavarini

Photos courtesy of Renato Ardovino

The ultimate mouth-watering trends
Mouth-watering wedding cake trends by Renato Ardovino.
Few words about Renato Ardovino, since his childhood, Renato developed a strong passion for art, which he used in all endless forms and possibilities. As he grew older, Renato let himself be fascinated by the world of pastry, enhancing it with his design, creativity and colours.
Its activity in the world of gastronomy begins about 20 years ago when it takes over the restaurant of the Municipal Theatre of Salerno. Later on he bought “Il Café” where he used to work as an employee turning it into a café/bakery giving it a Viennese setting-out.
That was precisely the period when his passion for baking resulted in experimentation, invention and reinterpretation, making it anew the classic recipes and working on the aesthetic aspect.
Traveling in the “historic cities” of cake design made the rest. He studied and get his specializations at some of the largest international masters, who contributed to its ongoing research and experimentation.
At the present time Renato is considered the greatest exponent of Italian cake design, as well as dealing with the production of his own laboratory for very prestigious customers, collaborating with some of the most important food and Italian cake design magazines.
Since 2012, he is one of the new faces of Real Time channel and he hosts some TV shows (Torte in Corso con Renato and My Cake Design).
Two of his masterpieces, “Winter Garden” and “Cinderella”, were showcased at the 54th international exhibition of the Venice Biennale.
In 2013 his first book “Torte in Corso con Renato” has been published by Rizzoli and soon became a Best Seller (ed. Best Bur) in 2016 and, in 2015, with the publication of the book “The Cake Design” (Malvarosa Edizioni), Renato presents to the public his most beautiful works created with the enthusiasm that has characterized his career.
Renato has also tailor-made cakes for many important italian and international companies and events:
The 15 years of the magazine “D” of  LaRepubblica, the birthday of the automaker MINI, the 20 years of TG5, Disney on the occasion of the premiere of the movie “The Guardians the Galaxy “, Stefanel SpA on the occasion of Expo 2015 Milan, Sanlorenzo S.p.A.
Renato is the first Italian cake designers that has exhibited at the Vogue Fashion Night Out, with an enormous success both with audiences and critics. The magazine “D” of LaRepubblica has bestowed on him the title of “king of cakes”.
The 2017 is definitely the year of weddings "en plein air".  To my brides I proposed multi-tiered naked cakes decorated with flowers (the flowers are almost always made with sugar paste) and I wanted to be the result as natural as possible when it comes to a wedding in the garden or in the country.
For a trendy beach wedding, the final setting of the cakes are inspired by the sea theme of the wedding. In the warmer months I put forward fillings made with Chantilly cream and fruit. The mixtures, besides the classic flavored sponge-cake, I fine-tuned my own special recipes that allow me to keep the lightness of the sponge-cake, as well as to get very daring creations without running the risk of failure or collapse, especially during the most delicate phase of all, the transport. For the glaze, the traditional sugar paste leaves room to fully handmade buttercream frosting, royal icing and deconstructed cakes that show off texture and filling of the inside.
I like the idea of a wedding cake as part of a sweet table instead been presented individually.
If the bride-to-be and the groom-to-be let me free to work using my creativity one of the thing I love the most is preparing the sweet table full of mouth-watering delicacies, cakes of different size, cupcakes, cookies, macarons, pop-cakes all of them will be a perfect match to the main wedding cake.
I always operate with the support of a wedding planner, or the bride-to-be, to make sure that cake stands, trays, tablecloths will be present and in perfect harmony with the mood of the wedding theme.
It's about a couple of years that I suggest the naked cake for the outdoor weddings in the country or in the garden, holding back frosting from wedding cakes for an exposed look. It is a popular choice with couples looking for a less formal alternative  to the sugar paste wedding cake. I used to work with mixtures different from the sponge-cake, as an example the Caprese cake one’s.
The fillings are made with creams of the most various flavors (Crème pâtissière, fudge, crème cheese). Naked cakes decorations often use natural elements, like fresh florals and non-edible elements, but I prefer handmade floral decorations made with sugar paste which faithfully reproduce fresh flowers. Floral décor are almost certainly a constant with my wedding cakes, because they add to the cake a romantic touch.
As an experienced cake designer I’m turning out wedding cake decorated with beautiful designs, laces that recall the most gorgeous wedding gowns. A lot of brides are looking for patterns copied from the lace in their dress. Delicate embroidery in gold, tone-on-tone to give off a modern, elegant feel.
For my floral decorations, I favor the wiring, this technique involves using floral wire and helps create a rather magical effect together with sugar paste flowers.
Roses, buttercups and peonies are flowers that I like the most and they are almost always present in my wedding cakes.
The delicate colors, the lightness of these flowers are just perfect to add the romantic, elegant and ethereal mood that every wedding day should have.
Renato Ardovino
Thank you so much to Renato Ardovino for sharing with us his Made in Italy creativity ...
Marcella Lavarini  
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