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photo courtesy of Paolo Berzacola

The Wedding Trainer
Breathe in, breathe out, enjoy.
The idea of this wedding blog came out of my love for weddings, bridal fashion, healthy life and Pilates routine with my own touch of lightness and a pinch of irony.
In the past months I’ve seen increasing the numbers of brides-to-be getting into a Pilates routine, where I use to train myself in Pilates, and I started wondering why?
I asked myself the same question, the answer? To stay fit of course, but the truth is that I need my Pilates routine to blow off the steam after a long day at work.
It hits me, most likely pilates will do the trick for all the brides-to-be experiencing a life milestone change such as marriage, during which it is natural that you feel the need to change your lifestyle and getting into an exercise routine, eating healthier in the months leading to your wedding day. I think this is good a start to make health and loving yourself a priority, now more than ever, but there is so much more than that.
You are real and a beautiful woman and you’re going to be the most beautiful bride and wife, I know you have a lot to deal with, emotions will bring you up, down and everything in between, from pure joy to decision fatigue, you can’t avoid these emotions but you can embrace them and enjoy every single moments leading to your wedding day.
To keep the stress under control, stay positive, positive thoughts help keep the stress under control by focusing your brain’s attention onto something that makes you happy.
In few months from now you’ll be the star of the most important event in your lives and it will be just the first of many adventures together in a life full of surprises and possibilities.
The wedding craziness is overwhelming you? Disconnect, take some quality time for yourself, read a book, plan fun activities, take a bathroom break, workout.
Breath, you’re feeling stressed, take a couple of minutes to focus on your breathing, it may seems too easy but you’ll be surprised by how calm you feel afterward. We often forget to focus on the simplest, and one of the most restorative activities available to us, our breath.
Stay positive, disconnect, sleep, breath, plan something fun, workout, I figure out that my Pilates routine is the best way for me to truly unwind, but why?
I talked about it with two friends of mine Karine Cid Senior Power Pilates teacher in Verona at Power Pilates Studio and André Rocha general manager Power Pilates Studio in Verona.
I asked them if it is true Pilates works wonders for the body and works wonders for mind and body and yes it is.  There is a strong connection between body and mind in the Pilates method; it demands intense focus on your powerhouse which improve a total control of your body, your power of concentration and above all self-confidence which is the keyword for a happy bride, a happy wife and woman.
We should never forget that Pilates is a physical fitness system that enhances flexibility, builds strength and develops control and endurance in the entire body. The Pilates method puts emphasis on alignment, breathing and improving coordination and balance. Precision is essential to correct Pilates and this precision should become a second nature to carry over into everyday life.
Let your wedding can help you achieve your goals and have fun, like I did imagining a bride-to-be striving for a dream dress, striving to get perfectly fit to wear it. Now enjoy your Pilates routine.
If you are wondering who catch the bouquet,  I did catch the bouquet and am the next one to get married ... 
Photography:   Paolo Berzacola with Andrea Agatoni;
Wedding dress:  Galia Lahav Haute Couture;
Guest star model: Karine Cid;
Glamelia bouquet: Betty Fiori;
Make-up:  Gianluca Didonè;
Pilates Studio: Power Pilates - Verona (Italy).
Thanks to all of you dear friends and visitors, that you've enjoyed with me this wedding trainer blog.
Marcella Lavarini

Photos courtesy of Paolo Berzacola

The Backstage
Behind the scene of the Wedding Trainer blog.  
Getting ready and reharsing different positions for the wedding blog.
What is this all about? Keep in the loop with us to find out more, I'm not going to say anything for the time being, just enjoy few shots from the backstage.
The dream wedding dress courtesy of Galia Lahav is a two pieces wedding gown made of a bejewelled bodice and a two-toned tulle skirt with a dramatic train. The House of Couture Galia Lahav masters in the art of creating luxury dresses both in Bridal design and Evening Haute Couture. The illusion backs, tulle skirt, precious lace made Galia Lahav one of the most famous and most sought after world-renowned Haute Couture designer.
The wedding dress is worn by Karine Cid, Senior Teacher trainer in charge of Power Pilates' Italy and guest-star model for the shooting.
Karine has been teaching Pilates since 1987, she is the author of articles which have been published in leading international health and fitness journals and has held Teacher training programs, conventions and continuing education courses in Europe, United States and South America.
The bouquet, courtesy of Betty Fiori, was designed specifically for the shooting because of its lightness and elegance. It is a Glamelia Bridal Bouquet, a real work of art, a composite bouquet made of rose petals and crystals.  It takes time and technical mastery to peel off the rose petals and then wire them back together to realize a single stunning bloom easy to handle for the shooting.
Natural effect Make-up perfect to last all day long, even during your pilates workout, Didonè Gianluca.
Photos courtesy of Paolo Perzacola photographer with Andrea Agatoni.
Power Pilates Studio of Verona, hosted the shooting and the exercises were performed on the Cadillac, Reformer, Wunda-chair, Ladder Barrel and Guillotine Tower.
Photography:   Paolo Berzacola with Andrea Agatoni;
Wedding dress:  Galia Lahav Haute Couture;
Guest star model: Karine Cid;
Glamelia bouquet: Betty Fiori;
Make-up:  Gianluca Didonè;
Pilates Studio: Power Pilates - Verona (Italy).
Thanks to all of you dear friends and visitors, that you've enjoyed with me the backstage... stay tuned to find out more.
Marcella Lavarini

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