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Fairytale Weddings Detox operation

Stress, physical weight, states of anxiety and emotional tensions?
In constant struggle for perfection? No problem..
Let's focus on our health, let's put our worries aside for a moment and allow ourselves a day of detoxing from foods that make us intolerant, nervous and unhappy.
The selected ingredients will help to drain, detoxify, rejuvenate, reinvigorate, quickly metabolize and clean up the tired and stressed body, they can be ingested frully, extracting them, chewing them, as you want, it is important to avoid other foods, especially those seasoned and with complex cooking.
slices of colorful sugar
Go ahead with fennel, green apple, celery, lemon, pineapple and green tea in the morning's bow to expel toxins and stress, continue for lunch and afternoon snacks tasting pomegranate, orange, carrot, chià berries,red fruits, broccoli or beetroot, melon, pear, to counteract the skin aging and elasticize the tissues. In the evening, and to end the day in harmony, at least three hours before going to bed, the foods useful for maintaining healthy and strong muscle mass, are apple, almonds, banana, flax seeds or minced hemp.
skinfood detox
Let's not forget to drink two liters of water, this day and always. The perception of the next day? Good quality of sleep, tone, lightness and well-being.
P.Š. Better to consult the doctor of confidence about the chosen ingredients, we will avoid small annoyances of intolerability.
Pomegranates are loaded with important nutrients
Annalisa Baldi
Direttore di Maison
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Fairytale Weddings Detox operation