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Photo courtesy of Monica Helsby

The glittering bride
Paint that dress.
Last week I was looking for stunning shots for my “Photo of the day” section when I saw the portrait of a glowing bride having fun. She was trashing her wedding dress with paint and glitter, I was impressed by the colors and the genuine smile on bride’s face.
I am used to the “Trash the dress” shoot in which the bride effectively ruin her bridal gown by getting it wet, dirty, in extreme circumstances. It is often a style  of wedding photography based on contrasts, more elegant the wedding dress, more dramatic the place to achieve the perfect shot and get the feeling of being out of place. This portrait was so different to me, I got the feeling of a bride truly in her element. I asked the photographer Monica Helsby to tell me all about the behind the scene of the shooting, here's what she told me: “This bride’s wish was to trash her wedding dress in a unique way. Art and creativity are important to her.
As a photographer, I tend to lean toward action and capturing images that are interesting and fun. We knew that color paint would be a good choice for her. We needed enough space to get messy during the process. We used a large backdrop that could be easily thrown away afterwards.  She squeezed the bottles all over the dress, as well as in her hair, and then continued by throwing glitter up in the air.
Suddenly she became a living art project and she had become the paint artist. She laughed often and continued to use different colors of paint and glitter to become a human canvas. I photographed the entire process and we were both pleased with the final outcome. The experience and the beautiful images were worth the clean-up and pre-planning. We were both in our element that day and I will always remember this photoshoot as one of my favorites”.
Thank you so much Monica, for sharing with us.
Marcella Lavarini

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