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La Blue in Beauty  
Photo of the Day G. Dzhevelieva  
Wedding cakes by Renato Ardovino  
Vintage & Marylin style by Esterita  
Spring 2018 Bridal Collection  
Photography with Gulzar Sethi  

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Photo courtesy of Barbara Vittoria Vitale

02.00 pm
02.00 pm What would happen if you became more beautiful
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by things you did do. So haul up the anchor. Sail away from  safe harbor. Capture the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Mark Twain
Yes, exploration has boldness, magic, strength and genius, it's a bridge for your own desires. It is the right path to make your dreams a reality.
It's 02.00 pm, reawaken your spirit, no matter if you are in the office reading an infinite number of emails, video conferencing to assert your ideas, at the hairdresser  deciding on the new cut or  dreaming of an adventurous trip
What matters is that you have been thinking of doing something you really want, and that you are beginning to do it. It is an infallible recipe to fight your fears, clichés and feel alive .. feel free. Being alive renders you  bright, fascinating and intrepid, fundamental qualities to surprise others and not to know boredom ... the enemy of the mediocre.
The spirit’s care is the key to your inner beauty and elegance, it is the engine of dreams, hopes, and the desire to share it, expressing your world with beauty and transforming yourself into the beautiful woman you are .. and you will become. La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi, born from a dream, a project of health, beauty, respect for the world around us and from the various products of the luxury line, I have chosen a fantastic serum for you "Volumnia Serum" Anti agingTtreatment, a spectacularly  bouquet , enriched with Staminal cells, Vitamine C, Zero miles Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ceramides 3, Collagen, Jaluronic acid and Coenzyme Q10. Fibroplastic cells stimulant cream, efficient radical scavanger, deep cutaneous plumping, which is immediately bio – active, free of any petrolatum,for an istant reactivation, hydration and brightness, a formula for an immediate feeling of “remise en forme”.
The elegance of love yourself is irresistible!
            Annalisa Baldi
       Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi

Photo courtesy of Giorgiana Pallamara

11.00 a.m.
Ore 11 What would happen if I became more beautiful?
It's easy to think that the Amalfi Coast has ever been and will always be one of the most romantic places in the world. The imposing cliffs .. The sunny lemon orchards, that face stormy waves and silvery moons. Theater of declarations of love, of celestial intercessions, and of miracles.
It is said that around the 1500 ,the Captain of the Ottoman fleet Ariadeno Barbarossa’s fleet attacked the rich and flourishing Amalpha to plunder and destroy it.
 Many were the people who prayed to the venerable saint, and in the heat of the battle, they invoked the help of Saint Andrea, Holy Patron of Amalfi.  Well, when all seemed lost ... a sudden storm arose and terrible thunder and lightning destroyed Ottoman fleet. Of that dark and miraculous night of the Middle Ages, people still speak today. These legends help people believe that everything is possible.
Today you can perform a miracle too…
It's 11am , you've already started your day, your battles, your challenges, in a world that demands perfection, beauty, success, sense of duty, but also happiness, optimism and availability, 24 hours a day.
Take a break, something good for your body and mind. Allow yourself   time for a session of pilates. It's a complete and total regime and / or even an unplanned snack with friends, a smoothie, an oyster dish or a dark chocolate, a snack at the right moment to lift the spirit.
Do not forget to drink water, it hydrates from the inside, alleviates tension. If you don’t already have this routine, try to develop one, the challenges are so good for your body and self-esteem.
Before beginning, make sure you look as bright as you can. I have chosen a perfect product to spray on visage, neck and cleavage, in pocket format, "Eau Magnifica spray" La Blue Fitocosmesi d'Amalfi, a concentrate of precious balm waters, hyaluronic acid, collagen and Costa d’Amalfi zero miles organic extra virgin olive oil, you will feel an immediate sensation of freshness and hydration, your skin will no longer feel tight, you will replenish the lost substances and you’ll feel ready to face your extraordinary day.
See you at 2pm with stories ... myths or maybe, tips, secrets ...
            Annalisa Baldi
     Directeur de Maison
La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi


7.30 am
7.30 am What would happen if I became more beautiful?
On the Amalfi Coast beauty, charm and style are our thing ..
The rules? Relaxation, self-care, self-esteem and magnetism.
Every woman has a strong point ... a talent all her own, Homeric sirens seduced by their voices, the lady of leisure with power, the wives of famous men with sweetness, beauty in itself, is a gift given by God. And this is what we are dealing with this morning. Your personal, unique, unrepeatable beauty. It takes 10 minutes to shine!
Run the hot water tap in your bathroom while you have a balanced breakfast rich in vitamins, mineral salts, simple sugars and complex carbohydrates, such as yoghurt, fruit juices and cereal flakes with tea or cappuccino, in the company of those you love or  accompanied by positive thoughts Are you relaxed? I hope so, because now for a few minutes you will allow the steam that has been created in your bathroom to dilate the pores of your skin.
It's time to wake your facial skin with distilled water, limestone is a sworn enemy of the skin! Rub away residual moisture gently, removing impurities and corneas, dead cells of the stratum corneum, and finally your skin will breathe!
The skin is ready to absorb the extraordinary cosmetic product we have chosen for you, "Hydra Extrème Femme" Blue Fitocosmesi di Amalfi, a velvety moisturizing day emulsion, a precious concentration of vegetable ingredients, hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamins , amino acids, minerals, completely free of petrolatuses, silicones, petroleum jelly, paraffins, dyes and synthetic oils. Apply to the face and neck with slow and loving movements from the bottom up until full absorption. This extraordinary formula has UV protection itself, which will protect your skin when outdoors.
Thus you will have  stimulated microcirculation, and reintegrated the epidermal layer of lost substances. Your face will be bright, oxygenated and glowing.
See you at 11 am .. with more secrets and tips.
Directeur de Maison La Blue Fitocosmesi d’Amalfi
                              Annalisa Baldi

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