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Wedding cakes by Renato Ardovino  
Vintage & The Country by Esterita  
Spring 2018 Bridal Collection  
Photography with Gulzar Sethi  

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Photo courtesy Gianluca Serrago

Vinatge & the Country by Esterita
Summer is at the door and so the perfect time of the year for weddings. Actually, for country weddings…
So often, nowdays, we hear about ‘boho’, ‘shabby’, ‘country’ wedding, but…why? The reason is probably due to a need of our society to go back to a more simple life, more in touch with Nature, loose from all these conventional and formal cerimonies where we have to respect unconfortable etiquettes.
Shari and Adams, in a Vintachic 1980s wedding dress, in a northern Italian vineyard.
However, a country wedding does not mean to exclude good manners, of course: many Personalities and Celebrities solemnize their own wedding in a bohemian style. It’s just a way to feel more freer and comfortable spending a beautiful day out of the city, in a perfect vintage style.
Photo courtesy of Green Tea Photography
The french word bohémien borns in 19th century, as a gipsy style of life, representing a nonconformist lifestyle which, a century later,  from Woodstock, in 1969, throught all the 70s, will be called hippie! This decade is famous for that boho-chic  fashion,  still so beloved and current, especially for bridal gowns.
Vogue Italia, January  1972
Many of my brides-to-be - who have already decided to get married in true vintage wedding dress- are in search of a bohemian style gown from the 70s, to celebrate their big day in a delicious countryside location, set up in a perfect shabby taste, so that we recently had a “farm bridal shooting” and here some of our proposal  for a perfect hippie-country-style bridal dress…
Photo courtesy of Elena Gaetani
This dress, sophisticated and sober at one time, made of cream lace and silk organdy ruffles of our vintage collection, is a pearl of Italian tailoring from 1970s.
Photo courtesy of Gianluca Serrago
This is a real one of a kind: a silk organdy white dress with water lily applications, another masterpiece of a famous Old Italian atelier in Venice, dated 1960s.
So, for all those future brides who are inpired about having a vintage style pitched wedding party, I will be available for any suggestion, advice or wedding dress proposal.
Best wishes!
Esterita Di Cesare.
Thank you so much to Esterita di Cesare for sharing with us her valuable advice.
Marcella Lavarini

Photos courtesy of Vintachic

Vintage, but how much?
How to Wear a Vintage wedding dress with modern accessories.
It is now known that the vintage wedding dress is not only a matter of fashion, it is also the perfect choice for those brides-to-be who love to stand out and make a statement of personality.
What is the secret to achieving the perfect vintage look? Find the perfect vintage dress itself is very challenging; it should be an extension of your own personality and also belongs to your “favorite era”.
Once you’ve made this important choice, it is only the beginning that will lead you up to the delicate choice of the accessories.
My brides-to-be can enjoy the Vintage Consulting Service which will assist them until they say “Yes, I do”.
Here, for you some of my suggestions …
Let us start from a basic rule, which is: always match a vintage dress to one or more modern accessories, we need to balance in perfect harmony all the elements to make them look fresh and contemporary while retaining the imprint of yesteryear;  Following this rule you will avoid to look a way too outdated.
As an example, we can see some of the choices made by my brides-to-be …
Would you take a wild guess? Which is one of my recommendations that have far more success undoubtedly? Yes, you’re right we are talking about shoes: Pairing vintage clothing with decidedly modern shoes might be the right solution to give a modern twist to your vintage wedding dress. Few examples, as a match to a fifties style wedding dress we can wear a stiletto pumps or a flat ballerina shoe, if the heels are not making you at ease. If you’re into the seventies mood, the right shoe for you has a wide heel and platform height. If you want to add an additional classy touch to your Vintage look, a pop of color in your shoes it could do the trick; Marta in the picture above, opted for apple green, to match her enchanting late sixties wedding dress.
Another accessory on which you can rely to balance the vintage-modern harmony, it may be the shrug, perfect to be worn in a religious ceremony. It May be different from the wedding dress both in style and fabric, depending on the season. In the in the picture above, Luisa wears a lace and tulle fifties wedding dress, It is early April, in the countryside; we chose an angora shrug in the same white hues of the lace.
Last but not least, the wedding accessory par excellence: The veil. Timeless, always in fashion It has origins that date back to ancient Romans, flame-colored,  it was called the flammeum. The veil adds a touch of classic romance and can make any gown a wedding gown. You can really indulge in finding the appropriate veil to your wedding dress. Mixing a vintage wedding dress and new veil, cathedral length veil or a short veil it is up to you, wearing vintage and new separates in a way that is both very modern and entirely unique, like Karoline from Oslo, she wore a “fabulous twenties” silk satin wedding gown pairing it with to a long and dramatic veil, all-essential and brand-new.
For the “total vintage” look lovers, who can’t give up the appeal of garments  and accessories of the past decades, a quick and smart solution it will be an outstanding blazing red both for the nail polish and the lipstick.
I look forward to seeing you all soon, the more the merrier, on:  “Le Vintagerie Wedding by Esterita”  … Stay tuned.
Esterita Di Cesare.
Thank you so much to Esterita di Cesare for sharing with us her valuable advice.
Marcella Lavarini

Photos and clip from the movie

Le Vintagerie Wedding by Esterita
Allied a 1940s Wedding Dress
Many blogs talk about wedding and many of them about vintage wedding. This is why I thought it was the right time for me to introduce “Le Vintagerie Wedding by Esterita” which is supposed to be one of a kind, as the blogger besiside to be an excellent knower of Vintage, is also the owner of a vintage bridal boutique, VINTACHIC, with a collection of over 300 gowns from 1880 to 1980, that makes the store unique in Europe. My future Brides not only will certainly find a unique wedding dress, but they will also benefit of my vintage consulting.
This first time we’ll go back in  1940s, excactly in the WWII, inside the movie “Allied”, a Robert Zemeckis movie with Brad Pitt and  Marion Cotillard. As you know, during the war the crisis was very deep and it was a hard time for any kind of expenses, especially for a wedding dress. It was also a dramatic moment to have a party, therefore any kind of celebration needed  to be extremely sober.
The very few brides that were lucky enough to get married in a proper wedding dress, were used to gift a  less fotunate girl by giving her their own gown, after the wedding, and so on and on so that a single dress was going to be used several times… Some other bride got married  simply in an elegant dress, usually in a solid color enriched by a beutiful headpice or hat: just like Marianne in the movie. The result was lovely even so, as 1940s were so glamourous that a woman was charming by wearing even a simple overall!
Marianne dress was amanzigly glam, in that light blue/grey silk chiffon, mid calf lenght and long sleeves. After all nothing more than a tea dress, but the canonical little flowery headpiece in the hair, and the small bouquet made of it a unique Bridal Dress!
The very moment I saw the trailer of “Allied” and the wedding scene, the dress reminded me of one of the vintage wedding dresses of my collection, the same color, the same fabric and a very similr shape except for the lengh, as mine is floor lenght. Put the pictures closed and see yourselves: isn’t it quite the same?
It could certainly be an ispiration for your bridal dress, if you are a sophysticated and refined type, otherwise keep on reeding this blog as I’ll talk about other decades!
Esterita Di Cesare
Thank you so much to Esterita Di Cesare our vintage specialist, see you soon ... I don't know where you'll bring us, stay tuned and keep following us.
Marcella Lavarini
... Keep following us. More columns are coming up. Don't miss them ...

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