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A day with Peter Langner
A day  at Peter Langner's showroom
The Fashion show time in New York, celebrating 25 years in the bridal and fashion industries is now over. The runway show is the magic, the alluring wedding gowns, the light, the music, is like entering the enchanted world.
What I like the most, after the catwalk is taking my time and let myself be carried away by all the small little details that makes the difference between a dress and a piece of art and I’ve missed during the show.
Few days ago I was welcomed in Peter Langner showroom located in Milan, in the world-renowned shopping district.
I had the chance to meet the designer, Peter Langner and ask him few curiosities that I still had.
No need to say his name is worldwide famous both for bridal and evening wear, the new collection speaks for itself, but only when you can sense it with your hands you can understand the real meaning of precious Italian fabrics, silk, fluid organdies. You see all the master skills behind a little detail, embroideries on tulle, I saw how long it takes to create a small cubical embellishment, and then I saw the finished results, the dress fully covered with small cubes.
The reason I’ve always loved Peter Langner wedding gowns is simple, I believe in highest quality of fabrics, I believe timeless elegance never goes out of style, I love the experimenting  new materials.
Curios as I am by nature, I’m always looking for what is new, what is hot and trendy, I must admit I’ve never seen before, using unglazed porcelain petals as a precious embroidery on the wedding gown, this is pushing the limits of creativity, challenging the great team of artisan behind the scene.

Style Maxima di Marcella-movieweddingclip 
I asked where did he get the inspiration to use the porcelain, “from a photo of Taala he saw on Instagram”
I was warmly welcomed by everyone in the showroom, starting from the Peter Langner willing to answer all my questions, a kind and open-minded person beyond the great designer. I had the opportunity to meet Taala, she was there too, and learn a bit more about her job and her beautiful headpieces, I tried them on to see which is the best fit if the bride has short hair.
Then it comes the moment I was waiting for, the intimate “runway show” in an elegant, cozy place far away from the crowd.
Emily Style

Style Priscilla di Marcella-movieweddingclip

Style Fanny di Marcella-movieweddingclip


Thank you so much to Peter Langner for the kindly welcome at his showroom.
Marcella Lavarini


A day with Peter Langner

Photos courtesy of Peter Langner

New York The Runway Show Event
Peter Langner 25 years of Couture.
The images of the runway show event hosted in New York on April 20th 2017, behind the scene, the mood, the inspirations and much more.
Getting ready final checks. Again and again. Details are everything. A sense of perfection.
Few days ago, Peter Langner celebrated 25 years of couture with a swoon-worthy collection.  Style is a word we use frequently; in the case of Peter Langner I think it is just the extension of who he is “German precision, Italian elegance, Spanish nature and French taste”.
Let’s start with few words about the setting of the runway show inspired by the life and artistic career of Banksy, perhaps one of the most famous exponents of the street art, graffiti and simple quotes the stick in the mind. In a period that seems hopeless, Banksy draws stairs that allow people to climb over the wall, flying balloon kids, a gentle reminder to remain positive and striving for peace and hope. In a world too gray, Peter Langner, internationally recognized for his awe-inspiring creativity, also promotes a message of hope by making the dreams of his beloved brides-to-be come true.
The new collection is the quintessential example of elegance, timeless wedding gowns because of their pure lines, because of the quality, only the most precious fabrics from Italy and France with a modern twist. Every dress is designed, sewn and embroidered hand-made by an amazing staff of artisan, always pushing the limits of creativity, experimenting with new materials like in this case they did using porcelain as an embellishment both for the wedding dresses and the accessories (headpieces and jewelry) thanks to the collaboration with the porcelain designer Taala.
I got the chance to ask to the designer Taala few questions, seeking more knowledge about the use of porcelain as an embellishment for a garment. Both the designers were intrigued and challenged by the idea of using the same porcelain petals of Taala’s headpieces to do the embroideries on the wedding gowns. Every single piece is hand-made and cooked at a temperature of 1250 degrees. The skilled hands of Peter Langner’s team of seamstresses did the rest! The result; wedding gowns that will take your breath away.
Everything is ready; to the tune of “Imagine” we can let our imagination soar and enjoy the amazing catwalk of Peter Langner Bridal Collection 2018.
Emily style
Eva style
Laurence Style
Madison Style
Maxima Style
Monique Style
Sylvia Style
Grand finale ...
Thank you so much to Peter Langner for sharing with us his 2018 Bridal Spring Collection.
Marcella Lavarini

Photos courtesy of Galia Lahav

The “Victorian Affinity” of Galia Lahav
A glimpse at the Bridal collection 2018 of  Galia Lahav.
Those who wants to be enchanted by the Victorian atmospheres, can join me and get a glimpse at the Bridal collection 2018 of  Galia Lahav “Victorian Affinity”.
This collection is all about dramatic and luxury details, Victorian capes and sleeves, high collars, a game of volumes and endless trains.
Ms. Genesis wedding gown
Are you ready to remain breathless?
Let’s hear about it, directly from the designer  Galia Lahav:
“The new collection "Victorian Affinity" is inspired, first and foremost, by our ‘Victorian Affair’ evening couture collection, the outstanding Victorian era in England and its parallel phase in France, “Le Belle Epoque”.
The Liliya wedding ball gown
The day to day atmosphere was recognized with optimism, and so we added our touch of romance and admiration to the feminine body. We dedicate this collection to Jeanne Margaine-Lacroix, a designer that challenged the victorian style, in it’s era and, made a change of how we perceive femininity.
A bridal gown should be treated and fitted with love and care, as carried on a bride in her wedding day, and so we bring you our perception of it. Our Victorian affinity.
The Charlie lace mermaid wedding gown
You’ll find delicate textured laces, deep colored backgrounds, careful attention to details and an atmosphere of ‘sheerness against substantial elements of lace’.
The Lia Wedding gown
Alongside varied Victorian motifs, such as high collars that draws the eyes to the collar bones, you’ll notice dramatic Victorian capes and sleeves (which are also detachable!).
The Sterling cape over the Rayne wedding gown and the Laura Wedding gown
In this special collection we put great emphasis on games of volume in one garment, creating a chimeric silhouettes and endless trains.
The Esther and Stardust veils
The color palette is of porcelain ivory, dusted silver, washed pinks, smoky blush and cream that completes the touch of this collection.
The Alma princess wedding gown
Designers: Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever
Photography: Eyal Nevo
Styled: Haya Vider
HMUA: Shay Shaz
Model: Liliya Krishtal
Thank you so much to Galia Lahav for sharing with us the new Bridal Collection “Victorian Affinity”.
Marcella Lavarini

Photos courtesy of Peter Langner

A glimpse at 2018 wedding gowns
Peter Langner Collection Spring 2018 a celebration of 25 years of successes in bridal couture.
Peter Langner comes up with something new every Bridal Season. Since its first collection in 1992, The Maison has never ceased to affirm its vision: refined lines dress, with structured fashion details to highlight the feminine figure.
Peter Langner revolutionizes bridal fashion, defining the codes of a new elegance, for his new Bridal Collection Spring 2018; He has imagined every single wedding gown as a wonderful dream dress.
Creative energy, love of fine fabrics, handcrafting, tailoring along with a modern approach are the key words of the new collection.
Some of the wedding dress are well-structured dresses design using intricate draping while others are inspired by the Couturier personal history: “German precision, Italian elegance, Spanish nature and French taste”, inspirations coming from art and colors gives a more complete picture of his success.
Peter Langner’s new Bridal collection has a strong feminist edge, this is because, those of Peter Langner’s are never meant to be as wedding dresses just to be shown, they are meant to be an extension of your own personality and style.
According to the designer every women should choose a wedding dress which best describes her based on her personality to enhance her beauty; here is the variety of lines from the tulle ball gowns to the A-lines.
In this 2018 bridal spring collection Peter Langner explores, overlaps neutral colours starting from white up to its warmer creamy, ivory nuances to create a custom color palette.
New, unusual and curious is the juxtaposition of fabrics with a new material; the porcelain.
The result? Ethereal creations with a touch of glamour by partnering with the designer Taala.
Thank you so much to Peter Langner for sharing with us a first look on his 2018 Bridal Spring Collection.
Marcella Lavarini

Photos courtesy of Carlo Pignatelli

Carlo Pignatelli Cerimonia 2017
Groom in the spotlight ... Carlo Pignatelli Cerimonia 2017
Outré, refined, sophisticated, in a word, dandy! This is the trend around which rotates the collection with a romantic soul. The essential version to the elegant man par excellence, leitmotiv of Carlo Pignatelli’s philosophy.
The fashion house's wedding collection includes signature suits of great style and elegance for the groom, playing with tradition, reinventing it and making it anew. Impeccable outfits are developed with the plus of tailoring and decorative elements to achieve the perfect balance, details are implied and the silhouette is sculpted by precise lines.
Focus on lapels and on necklines: The guru jacket is restyled, it is adorned with décor buttons or it is essential, fitting a stylish groom as a great statement of personality.The most classic item of clothing, the tuxedo or tux, it becomes the basis on which to give vent to creativity: The tuxedo can take on many variations and directions, different models, from peak lapels to the shawl collar which is the authentic coup de Coeur.
The must have item of clothing, designed for the trendy groom is the tight, with bold proportions, short wool jacket and lurex weave, this is what the groom needs to redefine his look. Great research on fabrics: Silky, fluids or textured; twill, pin point, pique, sometimes the fabrics are brighten up by sparkling lurex.
An unreleased Coté points on fantasies, primarily on geometric micro-dots giving a poetic look at the jacket and waistcoat.In the colour palette classic tints are predominating: Midnight Blue, blue ink, air force blue, metal grey and black.
Carlo Pignatelli
Thank you so much to Carlo Pignatelli for sharing with us his Made in Italy creativity ...
Marcella Lavarini
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