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Photos courtesy of Gulzar Sethi

Candid Wedding Photography
Talking about photography with Gulzar Sethi
Photography- Today it is my lifeline but 6 years ago it was a distant dream and 7 years ago even the thought had not germinated. By education I am an engineer, but even being a National Level boxer, a hobbyist drummer and a passionate biker I yearned for more. The biker in me came about because i preferred to stay aloof and secluded while I explored the forgotten lanes of Northern India but I never knew that sitting somewhere in the deep Himalayas and admiring mother nature would give me the answer that I yearned for, for so many years.
This phase of life taught me so much but the vital lesson to remember & what I always say in my workshops is that by believing in yourself and listening to your instinct you can achieve any feat. I was 37 years old, a Father of two beautiful girls and I knew I had no option but to make my way into the world of Photography.
Weddings in India are an extravagant affair and each wedding is so different that each event can be soul satisfying. The hustle-bustle, the colours, the emotions would excite me so much that I knew from the beginning I wanted to be a wedding photographer. However, my family and peers felt otherwise. I was told that I should look at Fashion, Celebrity or even Travel photography as being a wedding photographer was not that great an option but I felt otherwise. It took me a while to convince everyone that being a Wedding Photographer is a blessing because I get to be the person who has the power to freeze someones memories for generations to come.
Back in 2011, seems like a long time ago now, Candid Photography was just about making its way into the market and I took the plunge to see what I could offer my clients which was different from what they had seen so far. Simultaneously, Social Media was bubbling up and I began uploading my images to Facebook and other social media platforms and thankfully people appreciated my perspective.
From taking the upside down shots of the brides eyelashes, to taking macro shots of her jewellery, my prime focus remained on the details that built up to the final look of the bride because don’t we all know that its the bride who is the centre of attention at every wedding.
I am often asked "how did you reach this level in such a short time?" and " how did you win these awards?" and the biggest of all "how can I be you?". My answer is simple, we always want to be like someone else but I feel otherwise, and even for my students I push them to find their true self. As a Photographer it is imperative to keep your creativity at its optimum level and as a golden rule, never every emulate someone else. You are an individual, with your own perspective, your own magic so what you bring through your perspective is yours alone and this is what creates your identity. It is because I chose to follow my own perspective that I have been honoured as Wedding Photographer of the year 2016 and The Wedding Photographer of India for 2014,2017.  Weddings have an array of possibilities be it in candid moments or the smallest details and each wedding will bring you something different.
Gulzar Sethi
Thank you so much to Gulzar Sethi for sharing with us his exeperience as a Candid Wedding Photographer ...
Marcella Lavarini

Photos courtesy of Kinga Leftska

A rainy proposal in Venice
David and Dasha a swoon-worthy rainy proposal in Venice by Kinga Leftska.
One of my favorite proposals ever took place about a year ago in Venice. David called me very last minute from New York as he came up with an idea of hiring a professional photographer to capture his girl saying Yes on the Venetian lagoon.
He wanted it all to be perfect as he kept mentioning Dasha deserves all the best. We arranged the surprise marriage proposal photoshoot at 7am in the middle of San Marc's square as capturing the basilica in the background was his dream.
Everything was set up - he new the spot where he was meant to appear at 7am, he knew how to stand and what to pay attention to. The only thing we didn't really plan was the pouring rain!
I got to the spot at 6.30am and was waiting for them to capture the big moment. I was exactly in front of the basilica, as far from it as possible, being ready to capture the couple and the whole architecture in the background - this is where David and Dasha were meant to be too.
All of a sudden, I noticed a guy kneeling down few hundred metres away from me, right by the basilica's wall! This is when I realised David stressed out too much and messed up with the spots! I was running as fast as I could, taking photos at the same time, trying not to die of a heart attack. I managed to take few shots of him still being on his knee but I swear I was shaking so much when I got close, I couldn't even say hi and introduce myself!
David felt already he messed something up but still hoped he would have the Basilica captured in the background. As soon as he asked me if I managed to include the whole architecture, I had to explain that something went wrong. All this time I was praying I had any good photos of the proposal as I knew I was running when taking them, so it was almost impossible to have any decent sharp shots in a gloomy weather when the light conditions were a bit of a challenge for a camera.
Obviously Dasha had no idea we planned it to be a bit different to what it was - as soon as she saw some sneak peeks (which were actually sharp!) she almost cried with excitement and happiness.
This was when I started breathing again and stopped shaking this much. After all, David and I came to a conclusion that the final proposal images came up way better to what we planned and they're not only 100% candid but also unusual as no one else has such images of a proposal in Venice! The rain and all the shiny pavements only added to the final look.
Few months later, seeing their Save the Date card with my image almost made me cry. This is why I do what I love!
Few words about me and my style:
I am a traveler and photographer from Poland who's in love with freezing moments in time. Nothing makes me more happy than my man and seeing other people's happiness! The world wouldn't exist without love - I want to be showing how beautiful it is with people smiling and loving each other. Do you know what? Some people don't even realise how beautiful they are or how happy their relationship and family is! Anytime they cry of joy seeing their final images I feel like I did something good and it makes me feel good :)
My style: raw emotions, natural light, true smiles, no tripod, absolutely no flash, geometry, architecture and flowers – love is candid!
In my photos I try to show stories – stories built on emotions, smiles, tears of joy, fears or happiness… The best shots are the candid ones – I am sure everyone sees a posed and a natural photo different way and the candid one is always more appreciated and cherished over the years. I shoot in the golden hour or right after the sunrise – it’s all about the love and the light. Always! I am currently based in Italy but I am available for free spirited and adventurous couples worldwide - always more than happy to travel. Oh, and proposals are my favourite shoots - you never know what's gonna happen!!
Kinga Leftska
Thank you so much to Kinga Leftska photographer and love story teller ...
Marcella Lavarini
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