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Photo from the movie Legend

Movie wedding proposal
I love everything about weddings, it is like living in a world of magic and nothing is more rewarding for me than the awareness that I have been given a dream – your dream – to fulfill. But there is more than that, every wedding story begins with a surprise marriage proposal, which is one my favorite kind of event planning, both in Verona the city “The city of Love” were I was born and live and Africa, where I feel at home a in melting-pot of cultures and surrounded by the breathtaking beauty and purity of nature.
Creativity and location are the keys when planning a surprise proposal and both in Verona and Africa  I know everything about “my” places and I’ll find a perfectly quiet and romantic location with a stunning view or setting for you two. Like in a spy movie I’ll be your accessory in planning a moment to be shared for many generations to come.
With one of you I’ll share a secret plan, of which I will take care of every details and I will make sure that everything run smoothly ( timing, light … location) there will be a professional photographer hiding and waiting for you, ready to capture the ‘yes’ and the following moments of happiness and blur of emotions when the world around you just disappear. Planning a destination wedding proposal is fun and exciting but it always gives me the chills … it is the waiting …
Feel free to contact me and ask me everything about a destination wedding surprise proposal, it will be my pleasure to help you …
Now have fun , enjoy an why not let yourselves be inspired by these movie wedding proposal as they’ve came up to my mind, some of them so romantic, other a little bit lighter and fun, intimate or in front of an audience …
Legend (2015)
The true story of one of the most notorious London’s gangsters , the Kray brothers, identical twins who terrorised London during the 1950s and 1960s. It’s the mid sixties when Reggie proposes to Frances climbing all the way up through a drainpipe to her window with a bouquet in one hand to deliver the engagement ring and the marriage proposal …
Dexter – Tv series
I must admit it, I’m a wedding planner and a Dexter fan. Yes he is a serial killer, but when he proposed to Rita and her kids Cody and Astor it was so romantic.. making small things like pizza’s night something worthy to share for the rest of his life.
Sex & the City (2008)
Finally Mr. Big made it and he proposed to Carrie in a closet, a precious blue Manolo Blahnik shoe instead of the engagement ring, it sounds just perfect to me.
Sex & the City – Tv series
Miranda come out of the blue and she proposed to Steve in bar, while talking about good intentions for the future. It was totally unexpected and it could sound weird but that’s Miranda way of dealing with feelings.
The theory of everything (2014)
The movie is based on the true story of the Theoretical physics Stephen Hawking and the drama of his motor neurone diseas. Early sixties at Cambridge University Stephen Hawking begins a relationship Jane Wilde, a literature student, when he learns that he has motor neurone disease and only two years to live. No matter what Jane proposes to him, to share what is left of his life. This is a propose that really melt my heart.
Walk the line (2005)
The movie is based on the life and career of Johnny Cash, a country music artist, and his romance with the American singer, songwriter and actress June Carter. Due to the fact that June would only speak to him on stage ( sick and tired of his addiction for drugs ) Johnny invites June to a duet and he stops in the middle of it, for a “public” proposal, with a bit of embarrassment finally June accepts.
The Wolf of wall street (2013)
The story is based on the successful and decadent lifestyle of Jordan Belfort, and his career as a stockbroker in New York City up to his downfall for corruption and fraud on Wall Street. For his second time around the marriage proposal to Naomi was quite simple … just a big canary diamond.
Monster in law (2005)
What could possibly go wrong when you propose in front of your mother who hates your fiancée? Find it out as Kevin proposes to Charlie in a nice afternoon in front of her mother causing her a shock.
Far from the madding crowd (2015)
Struggling with feelings? What to do If the man you love and once you’ve refused is emigrating to America? You chase after him on horseback and beg him to come back, telling him that you need him. That is what Bathsheba did to spend the rest of her life with Gabriel.
Braveheart (1995)
The movie is based on the life of the Scottish warrior William Wallace, who led the first war for Scottish independence against king Edward of England in the 13th century. William secretly proposes and marry his friend Murron to avoid the right of the lord to have sex with brides on their wedding nights.
Cold Mountain (2003)
The movie is the story of Inman a deserter from the Confederate army close to the end of the American Civil War, who is on his way to return to the love of his life, Ada. Inman  finally reaches Ada at Cold Mountain and before they spend the night together, Inman asks Ada to let him marry her. There is no much time left and they exchange their wedding vows by repeating three times “I marry you”.  
The Phantom of the Opera (2004)
Being the film the adaptation of one of the most famous musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber, the wedding proposal is the beautiful song “All I ask of you”.  Christine reveals to Raoul that she has seen the Phantom’s face and she fears him, Raoul tells Christine she has nothing to worry about because he loves her and he will protect her forevermore.
Natural born Killers (1994)
This is the first movie wedding proposal and wedding scene that hits me, because it was one of the most controversial films I’ve ever seen, provocative, violent but also brilliant I was not sure if I had to include this clip. Mickey and Mallory are cold-blooded killers that media made look like superstars.  They were also so deeply in love with one other and their wedding vows were something to remember so I decided to share this clip
I hope you enjoyed and had fun with my personal compilation of movie and tv shows marriage proposals, and why not you could be inspired by some of them for your surprise fairy tale wedding proposal.
Marcella Lavarini

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