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Photos courtesy of Marina Mansanta

Dress of Dreams under African sky
Dress of Dreams ... Where nature meets luxury
Since I began my profession as a destination wedding specialist, I have set as its goal to arrange weddings or exchange of vows under the African sky, immersed in some of the most iconic, pristine, beautiful scenery in the world. Today in partnership with andBeyond family, I achieve my dream.
Now dear brides-to-be, close your eyes with me, and go beyond the limit of your imagination, Inspire your dream of a fairytale wedding  where nature meets luxury, wearing an unconventional haute couture wedding dress, one of the magnificent creation of the Italian fashion designer Marina Mansanta. Her Maison offer to the customers unique creations, the processing is entirely manual, the definition of every little detail, the preciousness of the materials are and remain the intrinsic characteristics of each Mansanta’s Haute Couture bridal collection.
Let’s start with a classic, a beach-chic wedding, but in a real award-winning barefoot beach paradise, a romantic, private hideaway, where beachside bandas overlook the Mnemba atoll. Have fun imagine yourselves try-on these outstanding wedding gown, and be unable to choose between them. The smooth flowing lines of mermaid dresses along the lines large and bulky. Wedding dresses that “come to life” following the movements of your body and the light breeze of the ocean.
Alimede wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Talia and Etra wedding dresses - Nymphs Collection
Nesea wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Wedding dresses:     Maison Marina Mansanta Haute Couture - photos and captions
Venue:                         &Beyond Mnemba Island
Scenery photos:          &Beyond
A pink lake-chic wedding
My very first glimpse of Africa, It was many years ago, I’ve never been to Africa before, and Lake Manyara was the first stop-over of our trip to Tanzania. Our passion for wildlife photography brought us ( me and my husband) there, together with the famous Lake Manyara climbing lions. After more than 10 hours flight, and 1 hour of game drive ahead of us before reaching the lodge I felt so tired, a feeling that lasted only few seconds, the time to realize there was a pic-nic table all set-up for us few steps away, what I didn’t get it immediately, we were on the edge of a hill overlooking the lake. A breathtaking panorama, which takes on the many shades of pink of a flamingo’s wings, large herds of buffalo, giraffe, zebra and impala roaming free the lake shore right below us. Remote and romantic the Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, treehouse suites blend intimacy and romance in leafy surrounds of an ancient mahogany forest.
Now dear friends and readers, let your imagination soar, start dreaming of a ceremony on the banks of a lake wearing one of the magnificent creation of the haute couture fashion designer Marina Mansanta. Shades of pink for a wedding dress that call to mind the pink wings of flamingos, a white alluring mermaid wedding dress, that fits close to the body and charms you, shades of gold like the last rays of sun, for a princess wedding dress with a skirt that has numerous layers giving it grandness but still making it seem airy and fluid for movement.
Harlow wedding dress - Muse Collection
Klio wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Fibriglio wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Wedding dresses:           Maison Marina Mansanta Haute Couture - photos and captions
Venue:                              &Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge
Scenery photos:               yourshot.gallery
Venue photos:                  &Beyond
The sound of silence a desert-chic wedding
Now dear friends and readers, let your imagination space over endless horizons, dramatic desertscapes in one of the oldest and most pristine areas on earth, the Namib desert. Inspire your dream of  breathtaking beauty with a ceremony in the absolute silence of the desert, where a light breeze constantly shifts the shapes of the dunes. A sea of dunes arrayed in striking hues of red, orange, sienna, gold and buttermilk. The same hues of the wonderful haute couture wedding dresses of the Italian fashion designer Marina Mansanta.  Got you, you’re already trying them on, ready to choose the “One” that it feels is you.
Flottanti Oro wedding dress – Etnica collection
Agave and Melite wedding dresses- Nymphs Collection
Pantar wedding dress– Revival collection
Flora wedding dress – Romantic collection
Zefiria wedding dress – Fate collection
Perla wedding dress – Colonial collection
Wedding dresses:           Maison Marina Mansanta Haute Couture - photos and captions.
Venue:                              &Beyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge
Scenery photos:              yourshot.gallery
Venue photos:                 &Beyond
A ankle-deeep in rose petals a crater-chic wedding

Now dear friends and readers, close again your eyes and find yourselves ankle-deep in rose petals, exchangin your vows on the Ngorongoro Crater rim, or on Ngorongoro Ground floor, the largest caldera in the world, heaven and shelters for one of the most impressive permanent population of animals of all Africa. Staying in place where Maasai meets Versailles, at the end of the world, you’ll find easy to believe that you’ve entered in a realm just out of your fantasy, lapped in luxury and romance. For such greatness, precious wedding dress of italian haute couture, that combine innovation of style with the tradition of the techniques used. Precious fabrics, lace that are totally reworked, style strongly "unconventional" and careful handwork of every detail of the wedding dress, that is Marina Mansanta.

Poenia wedding dress – Fate collection
Canestro wedding dress – Etnica collection
Clizia Wedding Dress - Nymphs Collection
Shah wedding dress - Precious Collection
Wedding dresses:           Maison Marina Mansanta Haute Couture – photos and captions.
Venue:                               &Beyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge
Scenery photos:               yourshot.gallery
Venue photos:                  &Beyond
Out of Africa ... a Bush-chic wedding
Now dear friends and readers, go beyond the limit of your imagination, with a “Out of Africa” wedding in the open bushveld, there are no words to describe the beauty of a ceremony at sunset, when the setting rays of the sun turn the endless savannah a deep red. Life is unplugged and reawaken everyone’s soul. Let me take you in a place that is called “Seven worlds of Wonder” because it comprises seven distinct habitat and each one of them home of an impressive number of animals in the wild. Let a cheetah to welcome you at the airstrip, no kidding, I couldn’t believe it the first time a saw it. Now the time is right to start trying the wedding dresses, could you imagine haute couture wedding dresses other than Marina Mansanta’s for your luxury wedding into the wild? I don’t.
Sancy wedding dress – Precious collection
Indira wedding dress - Colonial Collection
Regent wedding dress - Precious collection
KohI-Noor wedding dress - Precious collection
Wedding dresses:           Maison Marina Mansanta Haute Couture – photos and captions.
Venue:                              &Beyond Phinda Homestead
Scenery photos:             yourshot.gallery
Venue photos:                  &Beyond
A river-chic and falls-chic wedding
For the last time, dear friends and readers, I ask you to close your eyes and go beyond the limit of your imagination, follow me, on the banks of the mighty Zambezi River, lulled by the sound of the slow but endlessly moving river waters, up to where the Zambesi creates one of the world’s greatest wonders, the spectacular Victoria falls, “The Smoke that thunders” and know I ask you, where do you prefer to exchange your vows of Eternal love? On the banks of the river or cruising it, at sunset? Or maybe you prefer to find yourselves right on the edge of the falls for your ceremony? For the last time you have the chance to try on the beautiful wedding dresses of Marina Mansanta haute couture, that seem designed to be in perfect harmony with a ceremony under the African sky and its infinite nuances.
Petalissa wedding dress – Fate collection
Actea wedding dress - Nymphs Collection
Star wedding dress – Revival collection
Wedding dresses:            Maison Marina Mansanta Haute Couture – photos and captions.
Venue:                               &Beyond Matetsi  Matetsi Private Game Reserve – new opening next july.
Scenery photos:               &Beyond  - yourshot.gallery
All these ceremonies are fairytales, but we will turn them into reality without you even noticing the difference. Dear friends, all you need to do is rub Aladdin’s lamp and whisper us what is your dream … letting your imagination soar … because everything is possible and lies within your reach. Be our precious guests.
Thanks to all of you.

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