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Photo courtesy of Þóra Hrönn Njálsdóttir

Trendy Friday

Northern lights inspirations

Traveler is what really defines who I am and what I do, northern lights is one of the wonder of nature that I like the most and always inspire me. Dancing lights in the sky, hues of green, blue and purple slowly swirl and twist into each other, spreading across the heavens to ultimately create the greatest light show on earth.
This natural Phenomenon has inspired fantastical stories about gateways to other worlds and many others different cultural beliefs.
I prefer the myths and legends that come along with this breathtaking sight more than the scientific explanations.
Photo courtesy of Francesca Dani
The “Polar Spirits” one of the most common folk beliefs, the northern lights are spirits from another world who try to get back in touch with humans. When the dancing light in sky make their appearance in the rare and spectacular form of glowing red, we should be very careful of what we are thinking about … the spirits can talk directly to our souls. I love this aura of awe and mystery and today I feel inspired for a Trendy Friday.
Last dance.
The photographer Þóra Hrönn Njálsdóttir, is not new to the Aurora show, but she admitted she was stunned, the lights were dancing like it was their last dance.
Photo and caption courtesy of Þóra Hrönn Njálsdóttir
Paolo Sebastian
Hues of pink and ombre beads glow.
On the left: Cap-sleeved gown with ombre beadwork;
On the right: Crinkle silk chiffon own with tussled sash.
Photo courtesy of Paolo Sebastian
Vision of Heaven
Photo courtesy of Francesca Dani
Jenny Packham
Heavenly masterpieces.
On the left:  Cosmic style;
On the right: Dare style.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Packham
Ethereal Encounter
Photo courtesy of Jamen Percy
Elisabetta Delogu
From Aethereal Cloud new collection;
On the left:  Lace godet cotton wedding gown, cape bodice, rebrodè lace applications and han-painted flowers in hues of light blue;
On the right: Wedding gown in light blue silk satin and rebrodè lace and corolla sleeves.
Photo courtesy of Elisabetta Delogu
I would like to thank all the photographers designers, who have made this journey through the northern lights inspirations possible.
Thanks to all of you visitors, that you've joined me.
Marcella Lavarini

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