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A conversation with Randy Fenoli
A kind person beyond the celebrity
The greatest revelation of past few days spent in Milan at the Bridal Market was definitely Randy Fenoli, as many of you, I knew Randy Fenoli as the great professional in the world of Bridal, as the celebrity, the public figure. For this reason I thought it was difficult to talk with him about his new bridal collection, always surrounded by a thousand people. I couldn't be more wrong, he greeted me friendly with a compliment, which caught me completely by surprise, He made me feel totally welcome and at ease.
On the left: a portrait of Randy Fenoli;
On the right: The Great Gatsby style and a Strapless corseted Mermaid Style.
We started talking about his beginning, born and raised in a big family, at a very early age he developed a passion for fashion, which lead him to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology. It was the nineties when he first designs his first’s bridal collections. The more we talk, the more I felt the magic, the passion in his words, a rare talent that only a few people have. I was impressed and I asked if it was true that he consults on average 15.000 brides a year and it is.
He strongly believes every bride is beautiful no matter what, and she should feel this way.
Working many years in the Bridal industries, as fashion director at Kleinfeld Bridal, in many tv-shows such as “Say Yes to the Dress”, “Randy Knows best” “Randy to the Rescue” he has to deal with every kind of bride, from the more affluent brides to those less fortunate, brides with a great personality and others more insecure.
This is mainly the reason that led him to design his Bridal Collections after many years; every bride deserves to feel enchanting in a Couturier wedding gown wearing a dream dress that fully reflects her personality.
Before starting uncover the new bridal collection, I asked Randy if it happens that a bride “doesn’t say yes to the dress” and yes that happens also to him, he explained that when he has in front of him a bride trying on 4/5 dresses and not finding the right one, in most of the cases, he is facing a bride insecure, insecure of her own body, insecure of her femininity, or worse insecure about the fact if is she doing the right thing getting married.
Now follow me, and find out a bit more about Randy Fenoli’s new Bridal Collection.
Cinderella: The Strapless Princess Ball gown

In this clip, Randy Fenoli is showing me the different styles of his wedding gowns that suit the personality of every beautiful bride-to-be. Wearing a Randy Fenoli dress that suit your personality will ensure that you are always confident in how you appear.  

Randy Fenoli di Marcella-movieweddingclip
In this clip, Randy Fenoli is showing me the sparkling details of the Sweetheart princess ball gown. 

Sparkle di Marcella-movieweddingclip
Thank you so much to Randy Fenoli for being so kind and sharing with us his glamorous bridal collection.
Marcella Lavarini
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