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Photos courtesy of Slava Grebenkin

Under water love stories
The underwater love magic of Slava Grebenkin
Only few weeks ago I was looking for “sirens of Hollywood” when I When I came across an enchanting siren of Slava Grebenkin, that wasn´t the first time I ever saw an underwater shot, but it was the very first time that something different strikes me, maybe it was the light or the stillness, sure thing is I was impressed. Curious as I am by nature, I started looking for the photographer who had made that shot. When I found him felt like Alice in Wonderland, facing an underwater world of love stories.
Are you looking for engagement or post wedding shooting inspirations? Something really out of the ordinary? An engagement shooting about which people will talk for generation to come? Hold your breath and plunge with me in an underwater world of love magic.
When I finally got the chance to talk with Slava Grebenkin, I overwhelmed him with all my questions and curiosities, lucky me that I always met kind and nice persons willing to share their time and shots with me.
For Slava, the water environment is an amazing world in which you can create truly unique shots. He told me “This is a completely different experience than on land. I started taking pictures under the water from 2012. Initially, they were shooting in the pool and at sea.
Since 2016, in Moscow we have equipped a special photo studio; it looks like a large aquarium. In which I take my pictures. Thanks to the studio lights, you can create many cool photos.
On average in 1 hour I shoot about 200-300 frames. I work with natural light, cinema light and pulse, each light source gives its own picture. The cinema light gives a dramatic picture. Pulsed light to get a glossy picture.
As you can see, basically I work with long tissues under water. Thanks to water, the fabric looks amazing.
For underwater photography people come to us from different countries. In addition to photography, I also teach how to work with a model underwater, and also how to work with light”
Slava Grebenkin
Thank you so much to Slava Grebenkin for sharing with us, for showing us the beauty of the underwater world. 
Marcella Lavarini
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