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Photo courtesy of Green Tea Photography

Flower Dreams
This wedding journey begins with the intoxicating scent of flowers, can you sense it?
Love, dreams, hopes are in the air, two weeks ago, I was wandering among the stalls of an antiques fair, when my attention was caught by some fashion and costumes magazines of the twenties.
I started imaging their story,  everything begins and ends with flowers. A bouquet of flowers given to make the brief separation more bearable. A dreaming girl on the train is probably impatiently wondering when her man is going to pop the big question? In the meantime He is looking for the perfect ring, with which to kneel and ask for her hand.
I have few ideas, what do you think about these amazing diamond rings.
On the left: .37 Carat GIA Cert Fancy Intense Deep Pink Diamond Ring.
On the right: 5-Petal Fancy Yellow and Pink Sunflower Diamond Ring.
Photo courtesy of 1stdibs
Hands up, who among you brides-to-be have never dreamed about getting married or about her wedding gown. I do not see any hands raised. Let’s start having some fun, the hunting season for the dream dress is officially open. Flowers will be everywhere.
From Dany Atrache Bridal.
On the left: Lazer cut satin dress covered by white Swarovski crystal flowers handmade organza.
On the right: White silk tafta and tulle dress covered by tulle, with a big flowers on the skirt.
Photo courtesy of Dany Atrache Couture
Close your eyes and try to imagine the big entrance, The lights are dimmed and create a romantic, magical atmosphere; the anticipation grows, the excitement of everyone in the room is almost palpable, the eyes of every guest are turned toward the bride-to-be walking down the aisle, flower girls precedes her spreading roses’s petals.
Photo courtesy of TWO MANN Studios
Flower's shades of green or flower's shades of gold?  That  is the question. From Jenny  Packham bridal 2017. 
On the left: the Apache wedding gown. Celadon Green.
On the right: The Faith wedding gown. Barley.
Photo courtesy of Jenny Packham
Flowers frame. And now you may kiss the bride.
Photo courtesy of CHRISMAN Studios - photo by Mauricio Arias
Photo courtesy of CHRISMAN Studios - photo by Mauricio Arias
They are now being pronounced husband and wife. A moving hug melts all the tension. The cloudy sky and the scent of flowers make this solemn moment even more heart-warming.
Photo courtesy of Daniele Vertelli
From Costarellos bridal Collection Fall 2017.
On the left: the Garden lace skirt
On the right: the Floral lace tea dress.
Photo courtesy of Costarellos
Final hairdo check in the mirror for this blissful flower girl, she has to be perfect, the queen bride is about to comes. I know what is thinking this cute flower girl “ One day I’ll wear the dress of my dream and I will get married like her”
Photo courtesy of Phillip French Photography
From Le Secet Royal Bridal Collection of Galia Lahav,  The Arabella dress. Arabella is a romantic voluminous dress that is made of layered silk tulle fabrics that come in delicate pink and ivory. It is entirely embellished with three dimensional silk flowers, crystals, beads and scattered silk petals that adorn the neckline.
Photo courtesy of Galia Lahav
Our dream begins now. We’re dreaming, a rain of petals. It is just us, nothing else matters.
Photo courtesy of Daniele Vertelli
From Paolo Sebastian Collection 2017:
On the left: Bishop sleeve, high-neck gown with wildflower embroidery.
On the right: Bishop sleeve dress with Italian embroidery and swinging flower chains.
Photo courtesy of Paolo Sebastian
Use all your senses to recall forever this beautiful day. The perfume of your bouquet.
Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Sabina Mladin
Romantic flower ispirations for Giuseppe Papini Bridal Collection 2017.
On the left:  Dubbed silk mikado and embroidered floaral lace for the bodice. Chiffon skirt and silk mikado belt with bow.
On the right: tulle and chantilly lace shrug.
Photo courtesy of Giuseppe Papini
Let this beautiful day beginning with a toast to our friendships. Let’s enjoy every single moment of it.
Photo courtesy of Daniele Vertelli
From Le Secret Royal Bridal Collection of Galia Lahav.The Maddie dress. Tailored and short high-low dress with a very voluminous skirt, made of light Orange blossom sheer brocade with touches of gold and a circular hem. So delightful and so rock. Who is in? 
Photo courtesy of Galia Lahav
The rock-star bride is now ready to take off, heading to a new life full of little surprise every day.
Photo courtesy of TWO MANN Studios
Black & White scent of flowers, palpable emotions, Don’t you think it is possible? I do.
The bridesmaids are getting ready, helping each other out, Let them do their job.
Photo courtesy of William Lambelet
From Alon Livné White Bridal Collection 2017;
On the left: Domique.
On the right: Flora.
Photo courtesy of Alon Livné White
The bride. A moment that will last a lifetime.
Photo courtesy of Raffaele Montepaone
From the Bohème Rock by david Purves Collection 2017. Serge dress: Crepe-satin dress, thin straps in chiffon, low back with buttons. Catherine Bolero Calais lace with high collar.
The perfect veil.
Dress and veil of Bohème Rock by david Purves and photos by Baptiste Hauville from You Made My Day Photography
Hidden under the veil you can took some quality time just for you, and let yourself getting lost in your thoughts.
Photo courtesy of Sabina Mladin
From Carlo Pignatelli Couture Bridal 2017.
On the left: The Noel model. Heavy duchesse satin overskirt reproducing organ pipes, from which starts a long tulle train. Heart neckline and floral colorful embroidery for the bodice.
On the right. Ash pink and ethereal mood for The Nicky model. Magnificent front and back necklines framed by precious floral embroidery.
Photo courtesy Carlo Pignatelli
Let yourselves be inspired by the old fashion magazines. With a dress made of flowers  on the covers. Don’t dream it. Be it.
From Peter Langner Couture collection, Top Follia and Tchaikovsky skirt.
Wedding dress of Peter Langner – Photos by Ginevra Guidotti
A secret garden, to share a moment far away from the festive crew.
Photo courtesy of Julian Kanz Photography
From Francesca Miranda bridal Collection Fall 2017.
Fiona: Italian silk organza;  A-line silhouette with blue printed flowers that has a detachable tail. The bodice has a strapless neckline and is covered in hand embroidered and hand dyed flower appliqués.
Photo courtesy of Francesca Miranda
The bride, wearing her beautiful dream dress is ready, few minutes away from her new life.
From Utopia Collection: Tulle and Plumetil Wedding gown, floral lace application for the collar and pleated jabot. Satin and organza flowers’s wreath. Sardinian  Filigree jewelry by Il Fiorino Gioielli.
Photo courtesy of Elisabetta Delogu
The Flower girls impatiently await to hit the scene.
Photo courtesy of Julian Kanz Photography
Are you feeling like the pincess bride?
For sure you will like, from the collection Couture 2017 this enchanting wedding dress. Heart neckline, veiled shoulders with side lace motives. Drop waist, voluminous drape and skirt. Cascades of tulle frills and light lace on the asymmetrical skirt.
Photo Courtesy of Delsa
A cuddly princess-to-be is taking a final check on her mom in a rose garden. How cute is she?
Photo courtesy of Julian Kanz
Girl with flower wreath ( 1950)
Photo from the book Tamara De Lempicka di Gioia Mori
For the queen of garland, from the collection Muse of Marina Mansanta, the Grace Model.
Photo courtesy of Marina Mansanta
A smile, before the ceremony. A bride adjusting the hairdo of her bridesmaid. The perfume of flowers can be felt it through the screen. Can you feel  the fragrance?
Photo courtesy of Randy Jackson Photography
Fancy for white and flowers?
On the left: From the couture collection of Jordi Dalmau Novias, the Botticelli dress.
On the right: From the couture collection of Jordi Dalmau Novias, the Rembrandt dress.
Photo courtesy of Jordi Dalmau Novias
A little bit tired after a long day, what is better than unwind together, lying in a meadow, making plans for the future.
Photo courtesy of CHRISMAN Studios
A sunny beautiful day for your outdoor luxury wedding. Colorful and Joyful. All of your guest will be at ease.
Photo courtesy of Green Tea Photography
From Elisabetta Delogu Bridal Collection 2017.
On the left: Cotton macrame, trapeze line wedding dress. Cap Sleeve. Blush pink handpainted organza flowers applications with an antique dragon-fly jewel.
On the right. Silk shantung. Handmade embroideries made with colored ribbons for the bodice. 'Soleil' pleated skirt.
Photo courtesy of Elisabetta Delogu
Looking for the vintage unconventional Bohemian vibe?
Photo courtesy of CHRISMAN Studios
How lovely is this original 1970s off-the shoulder pleated wedding gown? Have a look at the wide flounce on the neckline.
Wedding gown of Vintachic and photos by Alessandro Manca
For such a self-confident bride, the engagement ring should be chosen carefully, it should a statement a personality for the bride-to-be. I have few ideas and an advice, don’t wear it during the ceremony, wait for the wedding party.
Light in the garden ring. A colorful ring. It is very elegant with its shiny central diamond which gives light to the ring.
On the right:  The matching earrings.  The earrings give light to the entire face. As the ring they are studied to look always in movement with their branches set with diamonds.
Photo courtesy of Ansuini since 1860
Dear friends, the cutting of the wedding cake is one of the most important and show-stopping moments of all fairytale weddings: candles are lit, the lights are dimmed until they fade out completely, soft background music creates a romantic, magical atmosphere; anticipation grows, the excitement of everyone in the room is almost palpable, the eyes of every guest are turned toward the newlyweds as they wait for the triumphant entrance of the wedding cake. This is a symbolically significant moment that should amaze and enchant everyone present. Which One of the most amazing wedding cake seen on the big screen? Five-tiered round cake with cascading flower blossoms? I try to take a wild guess.
Clip that I made from my own copy of DVD
Let’s see what we can do to make you dream about it. I asked to Renato Ardovino, one of the most famous italian cake designer, pure Made in Italy fantasy, each cake is a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece, all the decorations are hand-made. And the taste of the cakes? In a word “Mouth-watering” only the best ingredients to guarantee an unforgettable taste.
Photo courtesy of Renato Ardovino
Sweet pink flower table? Who can resist these delicacies? I sure can't. 
Photo courtesy of Renato Ardovino
I would like to thank all the photographers, bridal designers, jewellery designer, cake designer, who have made this journey through the flower’s emotions possible.
I would like to thank them all for their kindness and openness, always willing to cooperate and share their amazing works.
Thanks to all of you visitors, that you've joined me.
Marcella Lavarini

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